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The only thing that is required to SELL BETTER


The previous day I met a Sales Executive from a friend's organization. When I enquired a little about him and his sales stint, I realized this was his second month in the organization and in the past 20+ days, his sales number was 0 (zero).

Trying to help him, I asked him to pitch his product to me, as if I might buy it. From his pitch, I realized that he makes mistakes which most of the sales professionals do. People try to sell their product listing the 1000 features their product might have but fail to talk about that one feature in details which the buyer really cares about.

Always remember you are not selling a product but the buyer is buying one. So don't pitch like a seller but understand the buyer, his use case and pitch to him like this product will help his business.

I am taken to Cadbury and their positioning of Dairy Milk. They don't just pitch their product, they place their product in your head. The only reason why today people of all age eat and gift chocolates is the way they have positioned itself in the head of users.

Now imagine a Cadbury guy coming and trying to pitch it saying, 'You can eat it, or gift it to your loved one or give it to all your employees, or give it to your friends and family on festivals or give it to a kid on his birthday or use it for preparing milk shakes or use it to prepare cakes and pastries and blah blah'. How effective do you think their sales would have been?

Now let's see how they do it

For Valentine's Day

For New Beginnings (Shubh Aarambh)

For Diwali

Likewise for Holi, RakshaBandhan, Schoool friends, Husband-wife, Post-dinner meetha (Sweet dish)

Hope I could help. Thanks :)

P.S. - All the images used are a result of google search.

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