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Blogger turned his passion in reality to become an entrepreneur with 0 Investment.

When my brand name started getting popularity I started receiving calls and emails to buy that domain/business name.But I was on my own path to start my own

Name: Shamsher Khan

Founded: Click Perfect

What's New?: from Freelancer to Founder with 0 Money

My Early Life

I am from a small town called Gaya in Bihar, India. I did my 1oth (matriculation) in my hometown itself.

In my childhood, I faced a lot of financial problems because my father passed away when I was just 10-month old I spent my early days thinking too much about the life and financial & knowledge gain. From the childhood, my thinking was beyond the other children of my age and I wanted to do something extra, something very big in my life. Maybe it was because of my family situations.

At the age of 14 just after 10th (Apr 2008) I left my home for further study and to earn living and that was the turning point of my life. That was the big turn in my life as I learned how to manage myself, how to meet new people and many other things professionally and personally.

I started learning computer skills in an institute early in morning and job full day…very strategically and simultaneously I completed my study in the Bachelor of Science and during this, I got a lot of work experience in different companies as I was working and studying both at the same time. It was the situation I changed many jobs including startup and mnc‘s day shift and night shift.

simultaneously with job and study, one thing I was hustling 24/7 is how to get rid of the job because what I found that to do something big this is most important to be free from the job. But what to do then if not a job. I started building a virtual company with name Click Perfect and started providing freelance digital marketing services and training on Skype and simultaneously joined different skill center to learned a lot of different skills to fulfill my future dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Finally, when my brand name started getting popularity I started receiving calls and emails to buy that domain/business name.

But I was on my own path to start my own…. I found investor worked with them few years to create trust.

bcoz who was to spend on my ideas..??

I started working with them and shown them my experience and hard work and entrepreneur spirit. in this period i also started giving training because it was in my mind that to start business training is good bcoz it is one to many processes. one trainer can provide training to 100-200 students with no other requirement but with agency, issue is if you start an agency u need many people at the same time to start.. so my thing was going on simultaneously from starting.

Later after 1.5 -2 years, I saw that many people are ready to invest on my idea and experience. this was the time to select one i judged all meeting on meeting and then finally i started with one. someone as an investor invested on my business idea.

And this is all. I have started my business without any investment. And the foundation was 2009 from clickperfect.blogspot.com now https://clickperfect.institute currently my office is located in satya Niketan. Detail can be found on Google search keyword is: “click perfect satya Niketan”

Current Status: I am running my own startup (Click Perfect - Digital Marketing Classes) with around 8-10 people. This is an institute where I provide complete digital marketing/business promotion training to students, professionals and business owners about digital marketing apart from this I also provide services to clients from Europe.

My attitude/nature: I am very helpful and hardworking I keep a smile on my face always.


I was in IIT Delhi to speak about digital marketing on 24th, 25th, and 26th in digital marketing workshop organized by Tryst IIT Delhi annual technical festival.

One day Workshop for Udaan NGO at for Kashmiri Students.

My Book:

WordPress website guide book for Students Blogger & Business Owners available on Amazon

Book Link on Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Ultimate-Picture-Creating-WordPress-Website-ebook/dp/B01N10UV8O

Short URL of Book: https://goo.gl/gRhmO3

My skills: Business Management, SEO Marketing, Accounting , Business Administrating, Leadership, Human Resource, Management, Sales, Marketing, Website & Server Management, Search Engines marketing, Online Marketing Training etc…

My Google keyword: shamsher khan seo

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