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Campus Life

A summary of college life one and all can relate to

If you are a college student or you are about to join a college as a fresher, this article is worth a read! It will give you a sneak peek at Campus life.

C- Co-curricular. Let us start on a good note. College is filled with Co-curricular activities. They are in the form of fests, sports competitions, musicals, quizzes and other events. They should be experienced by each and every student as they provide once in a lifetime atmosphere for enjoyment and development! Believe it or not, Colleges offer more opportunities than any school that you have ever attended.

A-Academics. It is a wrong notion that you are not required to study hard in college. You have to! Be it the completion of assignments, files, unit tests or semester finals; you have to perform well in all these. The world after graduation is very competitive. Finding the right balance between studies and co- curricular activities is the key. A piece of advice is being good with your teachers and especially lab assistants. Never ever get into their black list!!

M-Maturity. College is a simulator to the world that you are going to after graduation. Your college friends are likely to become your life long mates. The decisions you make here reflect upon your level of decision making, maturity and personality. In all cases, you would turn out to be more mature and ready for the world outside after you graduate. You’ll have to thank your college for that! Make the most out of your simulation time!

P-People. Campuses are filled with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and different regions. One should make it a point to meet as many people as he /she can. Seniors are great mentors, talk with them, share your problems, party with them, treat them like your own and take their piece of advice seriously as they are more experienced than you are. Don’t worry about ragging as nowadays it is a crime and only friendly introductions or challenges happen. Beware and be away from bad people and bad influences. Never ever do something illegal and stay away from rave parties and drugs.

U-Unity: One thing any collegian can relate to is unity for common causes. This unity is made from numbers ranging from tens to thousands for causes like mass bunks, events, meets, parties, road trips or social and educational causes. Even though you may not know the person from the other section who sits in front of you during exam time, you both may agree on a common cause, say mass bunks from the department!

S-Setbacks. The bad parts and failures. Campus life has its setbacks too. You may fail in a subject, you may face a breakup or your vacations may get cancelled or your friends might just stop talking to you. You’ll have to face these situations as no one is perfect! Never ever give up but learn from your mistakes and you’ll return as a better person. Don’t let depression or disappointment take over you. Suicide is a forbidden word to even think of. Think of all your achievements and good you’ve done. As a great man once said, “Failures are stepping stones to success”.

L-Love. Love is in the air! Literally, you’ll find beautiful women and men in campuses. You’ll have many crushes and if you’re brave enough, you might go and just propose your heartthrob. Relationships aren’t bad, but don’t let them steer you away from your life goals. Be strong if get rejected or face a breakup. You can always find someone better.

I-Individuality: Sometimes, you should follow your own path and ideas. Don’t give in to peer pressure and the society. Be different, think different, you’ll be applauded by all for what you are! You have to be odd to be number 1. College is a great time to start focusing on yourself and your individual goals.

F-Freedom: Campus is all about freedom, make your own decisions, do whatever you want to , be responsible for them. No one would exercise control over you.

E-Encouragement: Campus friends, teachers and seniors provide encouragement to any student who is good to them. Teachers are quite free (although some are really bad).They are like your foster parents. New ideas get a lot of attention in colleges. Seniors provide many good words. This kind of encouragement may not be available in the world after graduation. Good friends will be like your backbone and they’ll always support you for what you do.

All in all campus life is probably one of the best and most cherished times of any person’s lifetime. This time is golden and one can never relive those moments again! So, make the most out of it!

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Studying BTech Computer Engineering at Mumbai University. I love Technology , meeting new people and discussing ideas.

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