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Website Redesign Strategy India to Get the Maximum Out of the Project for Present and Future

Spend Time To Strategize In Order To Realize The Optimum Value Of The Cost To Redesign A Website

Are you planning to get your website redesigned? Create a detailed strategy for professional website redesign to ensure that the entire process is successful and that you get the optimum value of the cost to redesign a website.

Professional website redesign is a long, tedious process. Therefore, it is all the more important to define the objectives that you want realized from the redesign, apart from making the whole process seamless. Whether you get the website redesigned internally or hire professional website redesign agency, your strategy and a tracking worksheet will help you define and monitor important milestones efficiently.

A professional website redesign strategy should cover the following seven steps: strategy, plan, design, build, optimize, launch, and analyze. Before you draw out a detailed strategy, it will help to prepare a document about your current performance metrics. Get started by analyzing the following areas, in terms of monthly average, in your current website: number of visitors, bounce rate, time spent on your website, keywords that performed the best, number of inbound linking domains, number of new leads, sales generated, number of high traffic pages. Also remember to use the same tools you used to analyze the above parameters after the redesign to ensure level playing field.

"Get In Touch With The Team Of Graphic Designers At Extreme Brochures Today To Discuss Your Website Redesign Strategy"

Have your goals clearly defined before setting out for a redesign. You need a concrete reason as the effort and cost to redesign a website is substantial. Make a list of objectives you want achieved. Take a cue from the following objectives: increase in number of visitors to the website, reduced bounce rate, increased stickiness of the website, generate larger number of leads, increase sales, and enhance SEO raking for keywords that matter.

Brand your messages consistently across the website to increase credibility and stickiness of your website. You may also opt to convert PSD to email template.

Keep the messaging throughout the website concise and clear. Avoid jargon. Keep your target visitor persona in mind when you opt for professional website redesign. Create content to engage the interest of such visitors that you want to convert into customers.

It is essential that you do your keyword research and protect your SEO pages so there is no dip in your website being found in search results. Therefore, document the pages that have maximum search value, best performing keywords, inbound links etc. If you need to move these pages, ensure you create 301 link redirects.

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