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Why baby car seat is essential to ensure child safety

The street can be dangerous and car accident can happen anytime. Even if you have driven very carefully, you cannot control other drivers’ mind hence accident can still unexpectedly occur. Adults are stronger so as long as they use seat belt properly and the car is equipped with quality air bags, car crash will not harm their life. But the case is different for small children. Their body is still frail and not developed enough to withstand the impact of even a minor car accident. The gears that can keep adults safe, will not be enough to protect small children.

This is why you need to provide the best safety measure to give the children the utmost protection during car ride. The best and the easiest way to do this is by installing car seat for baby in your car. A Quality baby seat is not that expensive, easy to install and more importantly, it will keep the children safe in case of accidents. Here are some reasons why a car seat for baby is a must have item when you are taking your child for a car ride.

1) You Can Let the Child Sit on the Rear Seat

It is not a common knowledge that it is very dangerous for children under 12 years old to sit at the front passenger seat. Unlike adults, when there is an accident and the airbag is activated, the airbag can actually harm the child instead of saving them. The impact from the blown airbag is too strong for a little kid’s delicate bones. Furthermore, researches have shown that rear seat is less affected during car crash so it is the safest place for children.

It means, the only option you have is to let the children sit on the rear seat. Unfortunately, this is not the best idea if your children love moving around. It will be hard to control them when you need to drive. Furthermore, keep glancing back via the rearview mirror to check your children can actually impact your concentration negatively. This is the reason why many parents decide to let their children to sit at the front passenger seat, because it is easier to monitor them when there is no other adult in the car to supervise them.

This problem can easily be solved by installing a car seat for baby on your car. The child seat comes with safety harnesses that will make sure your children will stay in the same place during car ride. You don’t have to constantly monitor them because you know the car seat keeps them safe.

2) Car Seat Helps Significantly Reduce the Impact of Injuries

The most important reason why you should give your baby a proper car seat is because it can prevent injuries. The seat is designed not only with harnesses to keep them in one position but also with shoulder and head support that will keep their body balance. The structure of a baby car seat is also stronger than regular seat. As a result, shocks and bumps will be minimized and your children will not only be protected, but also feel comfortable.

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