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From failure to digital group !

OUR VISIONOur Aim is to digitalize every citizen of india by our innovations and to contribute towards the government initiative of DIGITAL INDIA

  Background story - few years back when we,I(prateek malhotra) and prateek harde my friend where of age around 17-18 at that time we where students of 12th std decided to do something innovative that can help our India so with studies we try to learn things related to upgrading technologies. my friends father was expired due to heart attack when he was of 14 years & after few Months my father also expired as he was suffering from cancer. Due to these incidents we where the elders of family and also have complete responsibilities of both family as well as our studies but we where helpless from every corner.But at that difficult time we never lost our hope and that time also our aim was very clear. At that time my sister Ms. Ritu Malhotra was of 14 years but after seeing all these situation her aim was also to work with us and work for new innovations.

At that time we where facing financial crisis also to solve them we both with education started small business like HP inkjet cartridge refilling, vegetable & grocery shop, small website designing. to complete our basic needs and education fees that time we work as in morning time and study at night and sleep for 3 hrs a day. doing this after some years we got a growth in our business and then started again for our main aim and we started working for innovations at that time my sister has completed with her studies she also joined both of us for work and innovations to supports us .

With Website building we have also started company Dream World Products in this company we have introduce protein, weight gain and weight loss medical products with very less cost. we have given free samples of 15 days to peoples to know product response. after that we got a good response so we by own started marketing that products to doctors but when we tell doctors about our products doctor replied what will i get by prescribing your products doctor said "other companies provide me incentives, foreign trips, commissions, home appliances etc" what you will give

We replied" Sir our products are very cheap and effective people will get positive response and rather than giving you commission we have added good quality ingredients."

But we didn’t got any positive response then also doctors ask for commissions so we decided to close this business as our aim was different.

We where working from many years for many innovations but in 2016 we thought of launching our first innovation that was successfully completed and tested many times.

that was " Worlds first fully automatic aquarium" and we kept name - Digital Aquarium , reason behind that name is that aim of Mr. Narendra Modi who’s dream is to make india digital, so we thought to introduce this product by name of Digital.but we thought how to launch our first product in market. so at that time two people helped us and given idea to launch this product by Mr. Nitin Gadkari. These two persons helped us for presenting this Product In front of Mr. Gadkari on 2 Jan 2017.

After this Launch we stated visiting newspapers in Nagpur to Print our news And when we told this news and our story to every media person they got impressed and started printing our news on there front page and we also called ABP news ma’am Ms Sarita Kaushik for presenting our story to everyone. she visited our house and shoot our product and our video by this news till now from supports of these people who helped us We got orders worth 5 million from all over the world. Now We have decided to invest this money in new innovations to make India and every citizen of India digital.

Special Thanks to persons who helped us are - Mr.Nitin Gadkari, MS. Sarita Kaushik, Mr. Rameshwar Gedam & Mr. Vijay Hatwar

Inspiration got for designing this product -

few years back we have seen a video where a father Have taken leave who was working in MNC, leave was taken for holiday. when father came home he told her 9 yrs daughter that i got 6 days holiday for out trip but when he saw he's beautiful aquarium he told her daughter that if we will go for 6 days our cute little fishes will die because for oxygen, food , and dirty water. so looking this they have canceled plan for trip

By this video we got inspiration to design a new type of aquarium which can automatically manage all that things which are required for fishes to live happy for 30 days without human efforts.

We made a plan for every thing but when we stated working in that and search material in market we cant find components and material in ready manner. that time was difficult but at that time we decided that we will manufacture every component according to our requirements .

Me, my friend and sister decided to do this but again issue was of where and how, because we was not having any machine and place so ask many workshops that can we work here for this, many rejected but one workshop owner helped us and said yes that you can work here & from that time we started working there.

We designed this aquarium and also we have designed 20 more world's first innovations there.

Now we have launched our Worlds first aquarium but our aim is to launch all this innovations 1 by 1 .

Again special thanks to our god who helped us in every difficult situation and he never let us down.

When no one was there two help us for many years, he help us and made us so strong to perform every type of job and helping us now for completing our tasks .

Team Members - Prateek harde - B.E - IT

Prateek Malhotra- B.E - ETC

Ritu Malhotra - B.E - CS