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How to Wear Double Denim Fashion Trend 

All of us are aware of the denim leg wear however most of us do not wear the fabric on our upper bodies due to negligence towards it. Denim on denim has emerged as of the hottest trends on the runways and streets and very popular among celebrities too. Not only is denim known for the comfort it provides but also is now majorly accepted clothing as formal wear at many places. You can achieve that cowboy look for your holiday, wear it to work and look cool in it at parties, the functional piece can do it all for you. Denim on denim is a trend that can look hot but can make you look like a total loser at the same time if not worn well. Boost your masculine side with these tips on how to flaunt the trend.If you are not wearing a single colour in your lower and upper wear then mix and match two colours in denim. Go for a dark blue leg wear and wear it with shirt in white denim. For added punch wear a blue denim tie to bang on the trend. If you are not confident wear only two denim pieces at a time and add hint of leather with bag and shoes for a power packed masculine tint.Pay Attention to Details by doing  short term fashion designing courses While wearing denim shirts and pants keep an eye for details like denim collar, patchwork or lining. Wear a white shirt with denim collar on your denim jean or wear your black pants with denim pockets below a denim shirt; you are still donning the trend. In fact, wearing denim details is the best way to get in to the trend without looking overpowering.AccessoriesHats, gloves, ties, belts, shoes, bags and scarves in denim in blue, black or any other colour worn with denim jean or shirt look as cool. Jackets and blazer with denim details are a good option to wear the trend to work.Dos of denim trend– Wear punk accessories with the trend to a party for a rock look– Black denim with details like tie or belt to work for a stylish impression– White denim and blue shirt for a casual and formal look– Shirt with denim buttons over jean for brunchDon’ts of denim on denim trend– Wear too many denim pieces at the same time. Wear 2-3 pieces otherwise you would end up looking like a mannequin outside a denim shop– Wear monotone otherwise you will look like a hard guy to get. Break the clutter with pieces in different colours– Mix the trend with corduroy as it will turn out to appear very toughened and will form a boring impression on minds of those around you– Wear anything else other than a shirt with details on jean to work as anything else will appear very casual– Cheat with a chambray shirt over your jeanMust have denim pieces in your wardrobe to wear the trend– Black, blue and white denim jean– Denim shirt in blue– Denim jacket with collar details like spikes– White shirt with denim collar– Denim tote– Denim belt in black and blue

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