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There are a lot of posts about feminism in social media. Feminism is defined by many in many ways, some define it in few words and some come up with sarcastic posts on this topic.

What is feminism? I am a woman in my early 20's. To me, standing up for my rights, getting recognised for what I do, living life the way I want to, deciding what I should do next, saying No's as when required, showing empathy, standing on my own legs and most of all, voicing out when there is an ill-statement on my gender by cheap minded people who see woman as someone who's a born slave right from her mother's womb just to serve the male dominated society ( which is now changing) is all feminism is all about.

Again, this may differ from person to person.

You don't have to respect women kind, you don't have to treat her well, you don't have to care about her emotions, but, but just be prepared for millions of heartbreak when your daughter gets treated the same way tomorrow.

To all those who ask feminists, why are you a feminist, my answer would be, because your mom and my mom failed to be one.

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