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Eventakers - "Team to make your dream wedding a fairytale one"

Do you expect the colors of your wedding memories to remain forever?

Inspite of shelling out their hard earned money in the marriage of their only son or a only daughter, i have seen a lot of wedding families hustling with vendors who take up the services.

A successful and happy Wedding always leaves precious memories for every individual in his life time. Only a perfectly planned wedding event can bring home happiness and rejoice for bride, Groom and their family members, without which we can see people shedding excess money for unsatisfactory and incomplete services. Any successful wedding could only be the result of coordination shown right from Printing the invitations, Choosing selective bridal wears, Decorating the stage for the concept and the budget, involvement of Photographers and pleasing our guest with suitable Food arrangements. Even a slip in any one of the above couldn't make this a Fairytale wedding.

Cracking the Concept

When Vasanth who does designing and printing of Invitations for a wedding event,it was Shiva who designs and stitches blazer set, dhoti and turban for bridegroom, when Seenivasan takes care of decorating the entire wedding hall starting from entrance and reception, decorating the Stage and Manavarai with specific theme, gives Lighting and sound arrangements, it was nagharaj and his team capturing the  lively moments with his latest camera, when everybody were busy in their services, it was sabari and his team takes cares of entire food arrangements from preparing the suitable wedding menu, getting it done thro' professionals in the kitchen and serving it with love for  the guest who arrived. 

All the above were in their respective fields for nearly decades. Their urge to give complete satisfaction for all the wedding families had rooted to launch  this company called "eventakers" which does end to end service for weddings.

Services in the Portfolio

Invitations designing and Printing, Complete Stage decorations, Lighting and Sound arrangements, Designing and Stitching bridal wears for bridegroom, Blouse stitching and Embroidery,Video and Photography, Food and Buffet arrangements,Supply of complete Groceries, Vegetables, Disposables, Milk products, Icecream and Beeda,Musical arrangements,Plate decoration works,cab services,Honeymoon packages and any other services related to a wedding event.

Guaranteed savings

Sabari says that "Eventakers is a team of professionals working together in taking care of all wedding related activities in a proactive and professional way in order to reduce the pressure and price on the customer side. We are not free lancing contractors who pick the orders, get it done with some outsiders at negotiated cost, Receive kick backs for the works done. We are entrepreneurs running business for decades in the market, formed a team to make the process ease for any customer to get the services done. Since all the services are done directly by us, our entire team members and managers work on the spot to make the process flow simple and by which the customer could save nearly 20% in their overall wedding budget.

  • Memorable Moments from our Camera lens
  • Flower Theme Decorations 
  • Bridal Wears
  • Food and Buffet team 

"Eventakers services guarantees a minimum saving of 20% in your overall wedding budget"

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Eventakers is a team of professionals working together in taking care of all wedding related activities in a proactive and professional way in order to reduce the pressure and price on the customer side.

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