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GPS tracking device : It's not just for route control

Route control uses the GPS technology is the best possible way, from fleet management to GPS-based anti-theft devices.

If we make a list of 10 technologies which changed our lives in last 2 decades, then GPS will surely come in that list. A technology which was developed for navigation and route control is now used in many sectors, its main purpose is more than just tracking, it is also used as a preventive measure for vehicle and asset theft. But how come a navigation technology can be used as an anti-theft device? Well, necessity is the mother of invention. Fleet vehicles and cars are attractive prey for the thieves, it's a strange fact that 47% of the fleets never recovers their stolen vehicles.

But are we taking proper measures to protect our fleet vehicles from theft? Many fleet owners thinks that they do not need any anti-theft device, some believe that proper locking is enough to prevent their assets. In the USA, nearly 71% of fleet vehicles are not equipped with anti-theft devices, which makes fleet vehicles an easy target for thieves. The only way to protect your vehicles and assets is to make the theft more difficult, apart from methods such as locked doors and securing your windows, the most reliable method is to equip your vehicle with a GPS anti-theft device.

GPS based anti-theft devices are most reliable theft deterrents. Without an anti-theft device, it may be hours before you even realize that your vehicle has been stolen. But an anti-theft device is equipped with many features, such as alerts for unauthorized access to the vehicle, ignition disabling, which prevents your car from being started and real-time location tracking when the vehicle is in use, the biggest USP of the GPS tracking devices is it can help you quickly recover your stolen equipment and vehicle.

In fact, anti-theft devices like GPS trackers are so effective at reducing theft that many insurance companies are offering discounts on fleet and personal vehicle insurance if it’s installed with a GPS anti-theft device. Many vehicle thieves are well aware of GPS based anti-theft devices and they know that these vehicles should be avoided at all costs. Even thieves know the reliability of these devices. When they know that a vehicle is GPS equipped they just give up right there and leave the vehicle alone. GPS is the easiest way to protect your vehicles from theft, from lorry tracking to asset protection, it is the cheapest and convenient way to manage your fleet and personal vehicles.

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