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We speak gender quality. We speak the success of women entrepreneurs. Think of the journey of women who taste success. Definitely it involves so much failures and insults. Even in this evolving culture, women are not treated with respect in certain circumstances. Let us discuss few things that I think women at work face.

On a conversation, when a woman's voice gets a little louder, everyone's eyes automatically turn towards her. This will happen even in a friendly environment which is not a big deal in case of men.

Every woman is tired of having a conversation that involves lousy comments made by men on women and their outfits. This will make us puke right at their face.

Even when your ideas are good enough, it won't get into the stage only because of your gender.

Women are underestimated so quickly when it comes to a big show.


Raising a Girl

Most typical Indian girls are brought up very  timidly right from the childhood. They are not allowed to talk even in front of their own father. Such bashful girls are the ones who grow up to compromise whatever impose on them.

Raising a Boy

Our Indian parents always have a soft corner for boy child. They make the kid think that, they are far superior than us. Girls who have brothers know this even better. These days, parents are much open minded and treats their kids equally. Thanks to Periyar who creates an influence on people.

Women on women

Women oneself don't understand another women in some  situations. Some of us criticise other women so easily on attitude, dressing and so on. Sad that our own  hands fails to pitch in at times.

Changes are gradually happening. Let us hope for a better tomorrow. 

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Big fan of Periyar E. V. Ramasamy(Thandhai Periyar)

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