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A Marketing Strategy That Fits Every Online Business

Why despite putting the best efforts, considering and using best tactics and tools to grow your online business, you remain unsuccessful in getting the desired outcome.

Usually, we tend to think about how to be advanced in providing services from technology and trends point of view and apply those million things (like online promotion of business through SEO, social sharing, mobile app for the feasibility of the customer, investment on PPC marketing, content marketing) to inflate the percentage of your growth rate. But we ignore the importance of making a simple and clear marketing strategy that keeps you connected with your customers and increase the repeat purchase rate. You never know that the most successful businessmen get their 80 percent profit from their repeat customers. Now you will understand where I'm trying to indicate and where you need to be focused more.

Keep your off-tactics down-side

Doing a successful business is not a thing that happens in a day, it requires your continuous contribution and adaptation to new plans which can replace the worst thing you did earlier with the best possible experience you can deliver to the customer now.

The success and failure of a business depend upon the number of visitors you turn into customers but what is more important is turning your customers into repeat customers. If you lack in any of these areas then it may cause a trouble for your business.

Visitor – Customer – Repeat Customer

There are lots of ways and techniques that can turn a stranger into a visitor but how well you tackle that stranger to turn him into a potential customer, it is all up to you.

Online Marketing Cycle

The online marketing lifecycle walks through the three stages:

Customer Acquisition



You can't succeed without a sound framework in place to manage, monitor and measure business performance. The right implement of a right strategy can help you succeed with limited resources.

Let's understand what are those areas where we have to look into and identify our weak areas to work upon.


Customer acquisition stage is about getting new customers as well as repeat customers. There are tools which give you deep insight into your visitor's activity on your website like Google Analytics which help to understand the point where your visitors dropped you off so that you can work upon the things which are not according to visitor's need.

PPC is another powerful way of getting instant traffic to your website but it might be expensive for a small business. There are number ways and techniques which can help you getting traffic but how you convert that traffic into customers, this is what which is actually required.


Let's know about those small issues which make a big difference in the statistics of your business.

Knowing the features and benefits of products and services that customers value the most.

Sources of information that build the trust in visitors for making buying decisions.

How do these visitors see us as a business and what knowledge level do they have about our products and services?

How quick and simple is the buying process? Does customer redirect to the desired page or not?

A successful acquisition depends on how effectively you identify the right customer segments and niche and start making good relationship with those customers.


Testing: Do regular testing of your website for better customer experience and do the changes according to their needs and try to make the buying process simple and error free.

Get Connected Socially: Social sharing can be an effective way to build a reputation that your visitors should trust in. Tracking your customers on a social platform will also help to know your customer's taste and style.

Avoid Making Promotional Pitch: Stop persuading your prospects, start sharing valuable information to become an industry expert and establish your brand as an authority.

Highlight Customer Reviews: Customer reviews has 70% more weightage than product description so highlight the reviews carefully to make your product trustworthy.

Ongoing Engagement: Keep following your prospects with more options and solutions to their needs. You never know when it can hit to the right customer at the right time of his/her need.

Effective Measurement: Choose the right tool or mechanism to measure the output of your marketing campaign, and keep monitoring the results for making your strategy better.


Conversion is the ultimate goal of every business. Every strategy, plan, and efforts you make is for conversion only. There are many reasons which affect the conversion rate on a big scale:

Reasons for low conversion rate


Ill-defined Product & Services: If the description of a product or service is ambiguous and doesn't explain what it offers, its strengths and what it can solve then why a visitor will buy it.

Avoiding Mobile Users: With the increasing number of mobile devices, the number of sales on mobile devices also getting increased by leaps and bounds. You need to update your marketing strategy with a mobile-optimized e-commerce store.

Distracting Website Pages: If your website is not optimized, redirecting to unnecessary navigation despite focusing on core offer, then your visitor will easily skip to another website.

Incorrect Pricing Strategy: Price is the most important factor that determines the conversion. Imposing the price straightforward can never be a good way, instead, using different psychological techniques like offering the product in a bundle or using number 9 at the end of a price.

Lack of Abandonment Emails: If a potential customer visited your website but quickly bounced to another one and your follow up email which includes more offers can prove winsome in regard to making the purchase.


Cross-device Marketing Strategy: Adapting to cross-device marketing strategy will bring more traffic, more customers and more conversions which you were losing earlier in the absence of advanced technology.

Bundle Offer: Adding attractive discounts, highlighting the strengths in bullets, testimonials from real customers, attract more customer by making a deal that worth transaction.

Effective Landing Pages: The landing page should communicate the value of the product or service along with appealing to customer's emotions or pain point that is more interesting to read and help them relate to you.

Shipping Cost: Prefer not to include shipping cost as more than 61% of people moves away from the transaction page because of high shipping cost.


Retaining an old customer requires fewer efforts than acquiring a new customer. The best and the most effective way to grow your customers is not to lose them.

Selling the product, providing the best services are the part of a business but building a touching relationship with the customer is something that can benefit you for a long-term success.

I would like to describe a couple of ideas that can help you to win your customers again and again.

Using the words that your customers want to hear like thank you.

Crafting a message that matches their pains, goals or aspirations.

Keep informed about new products, services, offers, discounts, and events.

Highlight customer experience to make the customer feel that attention is being given to them.

Setting up an exclusive VIP club for your loyal customers which will cost you money and time both but will help you differentiate you from your competition and will bring a positive return.

The provided information is the very little part of online marketing strategy, there are lots of other ways and techniques which can help you develop and strategize your marketing campaign so keep reading our coming-up blogs and articles based on similar subject.

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