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Why should one travel?

Why should one put effort in planning an itinerary, packing a bag and leave for a new place?

Well I believe travelling gives you a sense of love, not just about the new place you are headed for but about your inner self too.

Travelling gives you a break from the ruthless routine of the city, the hectic 9-5 schedule we are threaded into and the hustle bustle that surrounds us.

As quoted by Jalaluddin Rumi - “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”

Travelling is truly food for soul. It is like the strategic time out in a T20 match which gives you time to re plan and regroup for a better performance. Its infact like the scheduled ploughing that a gardener at your home comes and do every fifteen days or so to help your plants breathe better and grow.

Travelling helps you breathe deeper and takes you closer to yourself and that is why one should travel.

So how should one travel?

There is a famous saying “He who would travel happily must travel light.”

So, never travel for the sake of it. Travel with a free heart and a free mind so that they can feel themselves.

Here is a quick to do list to bring the best out of your trip:

• If you are the planner type kindly plan the trip in advance to prevent yourself from annoyance, after all that is what you are travelling away from.

• If you are the instantaneous typethen voila, no worries!

• Please finish all the pending work for your non compos mentis boss ;)

• Give more time to introspect rather than snapchat and instagram.

• Feel the nature, the wind, the place and your soul.

• Go off the beat and travel deep into a place to know it in a better way.

• Hit a conversation with the local people.

• Observe your surroundings.

• Carry your music

Follow the above in order to feel the essence of beautiful words by Daranna Gidel - “You lose sight of things… and when you travel, everything balances out.”

Bon voyage!

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I believe life is a gift and it should be cherished every single moment despite all the hurdles that it tests you with! I love to write about random topics because writing is inspiring. It helps you connect not only with the world but your inner self too.

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