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Texting Addiction

If you think it brings you closer to your loved ones, your sadly mistaken.

We frequently hear that humans are becoming “slaves” to the rapidly growing technology around them. And we think “Why everyone says so? We’re just moving towards a new generation and improving. Why that’s so bad?

We all have our blackberries, iPhone and smart devices to give us the edge and make our lives a bit easier. We feel thankful for them when we book tickets instantly instead of standing in a giant Que or check out the new lounge your parents bought back at home through video call. It’s an useful resource and combined with the power of internet we can basically do anything, anywhere!

These things are consuming a huge chunk of our time every day and sometimes creates obsessions and one such common obsession is Texting. Whether it’s the obsession to Whatsapp your high school friends or text your new tinder match, it’s a serious affair that is turning to be highly serious. Everywhere you look these days, the thumbs are talking and fingers are walking. Research showed that 72% smartphone owners text 97% of their time. And like this when you start doing too much of it, it becomes an addiction.

There are endless problems associated with texting addiction. Usually, age group 7-28 are more obsessed with texting but with growing chase of keeping up with the world and everything turning up online, most people are getting access and becoming a potential addict. Are you one of them? If you’re missing out on things that you should be doing with your friends, family, and college or missing conversations with people or just not being where you are at that moment, yes you’re an addict. It just not only pauses your life in a virtual world it can be also the reason for lack of eating, sleep deprivation, isolation, depression and a lot more you wouldn’t like to know.

It’s so better when we limit the technology and live the moment. Talk to people by meeting them. Compliment your loved ones by looking them into their eyes. Plan reunions with your far away friends and you’ll realise how beautiful the art of communication is!

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