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Twitter marketing for small businesses

Twitter Marketing helps grow your business, which is beneficial for your business

Twitter Marketing  is an incredible tool for any small business to use. It has several practical uses for any entrepreneur or small business owner and is free.

1. Twitter Marketing : Using Twitter for marketing purposes is probably the most common use for the small business. I would suggest using a scheduling tool to automate your Twitter marketing. My two favourite Twitter marketing tools are Hoot Suite and Timely.is. Each has it's own use cases. Timely.is is ideal for super easy tweet scheduling. Simply load up Timely and it will automatically schedule the tweets for you. You can choose how many tweets go out each day. The best part about Timely is that Timely will fire off your tweet when the maximum reach is determined by it. 

Spend 15 minutes at the beginning of the week getting your Timely queue set up and that's all it takes. Hoot Suite is a complex feature for reach in social media scheduling tool. One of the best things about Hoot Suite is that it lets you schedule tweets at any time you need. You can also schedule upgrades for other social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook. The best feature of Hoot Suite is creating a search "stream" with your Twitter keywords. This lets you track any related matters on Twitter and your brand. For all those cubs about their Twitter search is an incredibly strong rich section of Twitter. Use Twitter search as much as you can.

2. Twitter for tracking your brand :  Like I mentioned using Twitter and Hoot Suite search to monitor your brand. If anyone mentions your brand or you can promptly respond to them and help them out. Twitter supplies you with real-time insight into the buzz your brand is receiving. If no one is talking about you on Twitter than no one cares about your brand. Keep your eyes and ears open on Twitter and I assure you will learn something about your brand should you pay attention.

3. Twitter is real-time public customer service : You can answer customers' questions publicly and promptly. The publicly part is great because all your customers could have the same issue and will see the response. Observation and customer service go hand in hand. You've got to track Twitter attentively in order to give top notch customer service.

The real key to Twitter is to engage with your customers : Reach out to individuals and speak with them. Do not just blast out marketing messages. Talk like a real person. Avoid marketing speak. Establish relationships with real clients and real industry leaders.

You can learn more about the Twitter Marketing by best digital marketing course from Techstack.

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