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Roused by Modi's Words 'Go out on a limb', A Bunch of Talented Youngsters Built Startup

Yes, you heard right. When Mr. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, he vowed to change the world with his energetic and innovative ideas. This is the reason; he inspired others to take risk as well. He clearly said, take risks to achieve the unachievable and he is with you.

Indeed, he didn't realize that there are a few youngsters, who are watching and listening to him while eating a McDonald's burgers, would consider his words so important that they will establish framework for a startup. These youths are Vikas Kharbanda and Sumit Grover.

After listening to the PM speech, an idea came to trio’s mind and they started implementing it. Actually, they did not appreciate food ordering process where they had to go to more than one website for ordering food at varied circumstances. If you wished to have meal at home, you needed to go at one site and in case you felt hungry in train then you had to browse the other website. Same situation existed with table booking and party booking. They started crafting a website named ‘FoodZappy’ offering all four services thus, ensuring the maximum comfort and ease for the user.

No doubt that all of them were quite new for becoming a ‘boss’ and they really did not know how to tackle team – like a boss or friend. The fact, handsome-smiling faces did not even have strict attitude, usually required by the ‘Directors’. Small group chose to become pal of their team member and suddenly found, things are going quite well.

Idea for launching a company came in their mind when the Prime Minister launched ‘Startup India’ movement. The Indian government wanted to fill huge gaps in economy for development and growth of startups and aimed to motivate entrepreneurs to show their skill to the entire world without any fear. This brought lots of positivity among these professionals and they decided to rock the universe with their concept.

Lots of efforts put to carve FoodZappy and really, design was simply superb. At here, one can place an online order from any part of India and food will be sent to given residence address or train berth. Apart from this, user can pre-book table in any restaurant or party venue and use his precious time to do some other work. Thanks to technology and more importantly thanks to group of experts for thinking about every busy person. Online food ordering was always a big gift for us but these individuals made it much more rewarding and enjoying with help of wonderful idea.

Placing an order at FoodZappy is a breeze and even a kid can have food while using portal. Innumerable discounts are waiting for hungry-man and there is no need to type coupon code for availing rebate. Nobody knew, a campaign might change life of these three energetic boys who always like watching movies, eating pizza and wandering distinct places for sake of fun. 

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