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5 Reasons Why The Healthcare Industry Needs A Mobile App

The mobile app is being adopted by healthcare industries at a higher pace and possibilities of these apps are huge. Moreover, mobile app contributes to improve the services of healthcare industries and their integrated approaches makes the services comprehensive, faster, and cheaper without compromising on the user experience. 

These days healthcare industries hire mobile app developers for developing their mobile app. There are various categories for healthcare mobile apps like tracking health data, test, diagnostics etc. In addition, it has opened the doors for mobile app developers to create good combination of mobile app and services for healthcare industry.

In this blog, we will talk about 6 reasons why healthcare industry needs a mobile app.

Rapid Growth of Smartphones

According to the stats by Statista, 40% american have landlines phones compared to the 90% people have smartphones as the mode of communication. Moreover, smart devices are in several form factors like smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices for enhancing use cases and diversify the usage.

Therefore, many healthcare companies want to grab this opportunity and develop a mobile app of their own due high usage of smartphones.

Managing Inventory

The healthcare industry requires many tools like chemicals, equipments, and medicines for emergency situations. For example, an OPD service has different set of tools and chemical than operation theatre.

All these inventories needs management like storage rules, expiry date, and change in trend of usage. In many cases, a single inventory management software is not enough to handle various locations and there concerning department.

Therefore, the mobile app provides the healthcare industries  to manage their inventories with full suite of inventory management mobile apps. Plus, it shows analysis of the inventory data as well.

Access for Omni-Channel

The advantage of mobile app is that it is capable of running online as well as offline and updating the database while restoring the connectivity. Also, looking at the user security, there are several options like private cloud or firewall internet can make the healthcare mobile app secure.

Therefore, healthcare departments rely on mobile apps which are integrating users online with functionality for offline database and provides seamless experience to keep records, improve patients health and enabling smooth operations for healthcare.

Areas for Penetrating Mobile Apps in Healthcare Industry

If you want to develop a mobile app for healthcare industry, than you have to recognize the area where the mobile app will be applicable and where it can provide best return on investment.

Integrated Approach

Many medical colleges and institutes have developed mobile applications to allow doctors, patients, and pharmacies to use technological advancements for creating cheaper, viable, and good quality healthcare mobile apps.

They can perform different functionalities within the same mobile app with a single database and work for their respective roles.


With the advancements in mobile technology taking place everyday, healthcare services will become viable in the coming years. Therefore, healthcare companies should choose the category in which they want to develop their mobile app. Plus, they should also select the mobile platform on which they want to develop their mobile app. 

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I am IT business consultant working with Valuecoders. I have around 8+ years in businesses.

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