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Why it’s totally stupid to hire a PR agency these days!

Press coverage is the new way for startup founders to spend their investor’s money for personal satisfaction and to feed their ego. A news paper article covering your ‘ghost-written’ views on industry does no good to your business but you. The sooner you realize the waste, the wiser it is.

However for rest of us who believe in closely watching the Spend v/s ROI measurement, social media is a lovely PR tool that gives us enormous power to be able to communicate with real consumers and saves us both money & time. How? See below.

• Social news reaches consumer faster.

Public Relation is a practice of reaching consumers with your companies new announcement, product launches, and that may boost consumer’s sentiment in favor of your business. So why to hire a traditional PR agency when you can use when you can use your own social media platform, or your own blog, or twitter to spread the news, and you can even tag specific journalists.

• You can act faster on negative sentiments.

Negative news about your brand spreads like wild fire. Social media is a far better way to attend the issue to mild the negative effect, and buy some time to respond in detail. Can you do that in traditional PR?

• Social is cheaper

OK, the better word is cost effective. Your own social media inhouse team or your social agency, with a little brand & culture training, can actually act as your savior in case of public trials.

• Social helps define PR strategy by real time listening.

Why I love digital PR (or social media based public relation) is because of the active listening ability it bring in. By saying active listening I mean, you can notice the rising negative or positive discussions about your brand in real time, and can take appropriate action before it becomes a #QtiyapaStory.

• Journalists are online looking for real time stories.

Not alone you, but even journalists from print media are online now. Why because they know they can crack the news much faster than earlier if they listen new trends & events happening worldwide. (See, and you were chasing them offline…)

• Video is a powerful social media tool for effective PR

Until our newspapers invent the technology of video visual integration in paper (as shown in Harry Potter movies), we better use videos online to communicate and to build a positive perception for brand.

I am not against PR, but then no was against Nokia too. Irrelevant things will collapse sooner or later.

This is a YourStory community post, written by one of our readers.The images and content in this post belong to their respective owners. If you feel that any content posted here is a violation of your copyright, please write to us at mystory@yourstory.com and we will take it down. There has been no commercial exchange by YourStory for the publication of this article.
Gaurav is chief storyteller at Contentory.in (a digital media agency), loves storifying everything, plays digital enabler for growing Indian brands, tweets at @ContentoryGuy, and is reachable on Gaurav@Contentory.in

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