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First of all wish you all a very Happy new year.

This Story is from small town Kolhapur based in western Maharashtra.

The character in this story is MBBS  Doctor russia pass out, he went there at the time when USSR broke & converted in CIS countries, so in those times there were no mobiles, email, once in a month speaking to family on trunk call like situation. so obviously limited funds in hand being student , so the character took a job in a local fast food restaurant, as time passed many QSR opened & got a better opportunity, so passion towards kitchen ,restaurant business developed .

after coming back to India drastic situations changed in life as character started helping his family business practicing medical, character was not very happy with what he was doing , so one fine day character decided to do something else, Idea was there but finance was a problem, 

so the character started a small kiosk format pizzeria just in 90sqft room on rent of 3000 rupees. people liked the taste & so the enthusiasm doubled, so character started doing more homework on the project ,studying various business modules in food industry, their failures & their Growths, this character particularly studied MNC food chains & thought if a foreign company can come here & do big business in my country ,why cant a Indian do the same way in his own country & this is how the journey Started from Naming the brand, planning the business Module in Franchising.

now the question was who will buy the franchisee & why? because character was no body, no brand name , no business presence to SHOW, but character decided to go for it & give it a Try , 

Parents refused to help as they were not happy with my decision & not doing medical practice , so Character borrowed 50000/- rupees & Gambled it for advertising to promote his product & business module, surprisingly received  few inquiries , few were annoyed ,few left ,few abused, few tasted the Pizza & said we will decide & revert, that was enough confidence that they had liked the taste, but character being from small town & company from small town like kolhapur , if the same company has tag of pune based or Mumbai or Bangalore based then brand is good what people think, but here is one wonderful example of THIS young entrepreneur who is founder of Brand Laziz Pizza Chain, with lot of efforts, struggles , improvisation , planning, today Laziz Pizza has 58 Operational outlets across India & 1 International store in Johor bahru Malaysia, Laziz Pizza Brand is run by Laziz Food & Beverages based in kolhapur. They proudly say PIZZA at its best , affordable rates , good quality, variety of them in various sizes, Low Investment to start a franchisee store, 

Brand is already set to open 100 Laziz Pizza Outlets in 2017 & in discussion with Many countries like Malaysia, singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal , russia ,etc to open International stores.

This story was shared to you to motivate,to inspire , that nothing is impossible if you give a try, put efforts for it, ideas need actions to succeed and positive frame of mind that YOU CAN.

This KEIRRON J PATIL (Founder & CEO)

Laziz Pizza 

Laziz Food & Beverages 

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