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9 interesting stats on Microsoft's acquisitions

Stats culled from all MSFT acquisitions till date

In case you were cut-off from Internet for the past whatever number of hours, here's the context.

1. LinkedIn will be MSFT's 154th acquisition till date.

2. This will be only the third acquisition by MSFT 2016-YTD.

3. On June 28, 1994, MSFT made its first acquisition - SOFTIMAGE.

4. The most number of acquisitions MSFT made was in 2008. It acquired 16 cos., in a year marred by severe global financial crisis.

5. It is closely followed by 2015, where the Tech giant made 15 acquisitions.

6. This is MSFT's priciest acquisition till date. The previous best was its acquisition of Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion.

7. Microsoft acquired Nokia in 2013 for $7 billion dollars. It is considered one of the worst tech acquisitions in history. It had to write off $ 7.6 billion in July, last year on account of this.

8. Satya Nadella, who took over as MSFT CEO in Feb, 2014 has seen 25 acquisitions so far as the CEO. LinkedIn is the largest deal under his tenure as CEO.

9. Interestingly, before LinkedIn's 2011 IPO, MSFT had entered into talks to buy LinkedIn several times.

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