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Importance of Product Listing Ads For E-Commerce 

PPC Company to assist you for your smart moves with bids, SEO techniques and marketing vogues to optimize your product listing for PLA display over search engine.

Importance of Product Listing Ads For E-Commerce 
Importance of Product Listing Ads For E-Commerce 

Google, the search engine is the mastermind behind Google e-commerce with its two core ingredients- Google shopping and product listing ads (PLA). It’s the emerging trend of Google e-commerce to display your relevant ads on the search engine result page. If you are a huge fan of online shopping, then you must be well-acquainted with Google shopping destinations and the product listing advertisements. Product Listing Ads are just like paid ads to display the best out of best ads with product image, product details, pricings and many more specifications at the top of the SERP to address a relevant search query.

While Google shopping is a product campaign strategy, PLA is an ad unit that commands attention to make people click on the ads being arresting and specific.

It's Working Track

There are two most vibrant platforms of a Google Shopping campaign to manage the entire process flow- AdWords and Google merchant center.

• Ad words

It lets you manage the budgets, bids, targeting, location targeting, device targeting and even any sort of Ad campaign in its category.

• Google Merchant center

It is the storage of data feeds or product details, along with shipping and sales Tax information. Product details or data feeds include product title, description, color, size, price, images and product type.

Sell a product with Google shopping

Google Shopping is only for physical products where you can’t list services or any combo of product and services. And its only limitation is the numerous landing page requirements, which is obviously not a big deal for retailers to meet but may be a giant hurdle for small marketers.

Landing page requirements -

• Pop-up ads is prohibited

• must have a privacy policy

• Physical Address

• Contact number

Other than the landing page requirements, you have to take care of the data feeds that product details must be real and similar to the one displayed on your product page.

Offer Zones for product listing

In order to show your products on the search page, it’s a great strategy to give some interesting offers on any product for the customers to excel your sales and marketing. The AdWords certified partners encouraging the Google Shopping which is an ideal choice if you are selling more than one product and it may help your product to lead the Google’s PLA.

SEO Tactics for Product Listing

Google shopping is most likely as of SEO but the only difference is that- for PLA you don’t need any targeting keywords for your products , but need the SEO friendly data feeds that must be a relevant search query to let Google pick it up for ad listing to the relevant customers needs specifically. Proper data points include-

• Product title

• Descriptions

• Product type

• Brand

• Color

• Size

• Material type

• Model Number

Customers always like to choose best products at affordable prices. The more accurate the product feature the optimization level will be much clearer pushing the E-store in the first rank by Google for PPC optimization.

Smart Bid

As bids decide the acceleration and exposure of your product, a bid is a crucial factor for sales optimization. It may advisable to hire a PPC company that offers smart bidding strategies to maximize your sales. As a mind game fix your profit and product price keeping conversion rate and CPC in mind. Try to bid at the competitors market to beat the competition.

As more and more merchants are entering into this ads battle, keep your bramhastra ready with a well crafted ad campaign with data feed optimization and a smart marketing strategy for best results.

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