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Two New High End Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatches by Google are Lined Up for Launch in Early 2017 

Google is expected to launch two new Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatches in 2017 along its dynamic features and advanced functionality.

Even after possessing dynamic features and an extraordinary functionality, which goes beyond timekeeping, smartwatches could not get their deserving share as expected by their makers. However, the manufacturers have some more efforts spared in order to prove their significance in the lives of the masses and if we take the example of Google, despite a big plunge in the sales it’s is still confident that these watches will spellbound users. They strongly believe that such type of devices take some time to get gelled with the lifestyle of the masses. Even it’s tough to create such apps despite going for customized android app development.

We all were aware of the buzz about Google’s Android Wear 2.0 and its planning to roll out in 2017. The makers have now shown green signal for its release and declared a not too distant date. However, a few questions are going to crop up with its launch. For instance, will these wearables really prove to be fertile for the barren market? Has Google really spiced up them to allure its users or they are still just another wearables? Let’s dig out the answers about Wearables technology by The Ninehertz Smartphone application developers.

Why Google is Confident Enough?

Being mindful of the current market and the position of wearables, Google is leaving no stone unturned to make the forthcoming wearables a big hit among the masses. Therefore, keeping these two devices separate from each other on many grounds was a huge challenge for the giant maker, but Google seems to have managed it so well by keeping one of them larger, sportier, and more fully-featured (LTE, GPS, Heart Rate monitor etc.). The other one has been kept smaller without any feature mentioned above.

What Difference Will Android Wear Make to My Life?

Although,what these wearables exactly have to offer will only be revealed only once they are launched. However, if we bank upon the commitments of Google’s a few personnel, these devices will not only transform the way you carry out your routine but also boost the level of performance you need in order to function effectively.

Allow Access to Some Handy Features

For instance, Android Wear allows you access a few extraordinary features that your phone carries and that too just by having a glance of it. The basic idea behind implementing this is to help you avoid the labor that you may have to put in checking even the notification for the post you have published on different platforms. Simply, look down at your wrist and will see all the alerts.

Notice Notifications Conveniently

The face of the watch is home base on Android Wear 2.0 and you get weather updates and a calendar just by swiping up and down. Moreover, you can port over any other pertinent app and get its notifications on the same screen where you are getting other notifications.

If you want to dismiss all the notifications, slide your finger to the right. On the contrary, you will see options for each app you use if you swipe left. It includes the features like giving you an option to answer to a text using the voice message alternative.

Enjoy the Latest Personalized Notifications

Gone are the days when you had wearables that only push to view mere the copy of the notifications you usually see on your phone. The new Android Wearables are featured with a few thoughtful and personalized notifications. Let’s say you are planning to travel a new city, it will automatically provide you with the weather updates of that particular city along with the weather report of your current city.

Surprise You with Updates of Your Favorites

These Android Wears seem to touch the excellence with having exceptional features work surprisingly. Through your Google searches, they will find out what is your favorite game and which sport’s team you support. Based on that they update you with real-time scores. The same way, wearables provide the right directions to addresses recently explored by you. Even it takes care of your appointments. For instance, ‘A bright sunny morning welcomes you in London’. Moreover, the just-for-you cards are the most fetching qualities.

Communicate Better With Voice Recognition

You generally interact with your wearables through swipes and gestures, now Google has gone one step ahead and added voice command feature for an easy and better interaction as well as establish a sound command over your device. Usually, all Android Wear smartwatches reply back as you say “Okay Google”. However, to make the new feature work you have to flick your wrist at least. This keeps a check on the activities of strangers, especially the no good pranksters who often hijack your watch for fun.

To wake this latest Android Wear up you have to flick your wrist like you are checking the time or tapping on the touchscreen. Besides, using the power button can be one of the options. Whether you want to access web, pull up a song, check your heart rate, set a new reminder, navigate to a place or set alarm, simply commanding ‘Okay, Google’ is the most convenient way.

Compatibility with Phone and Free-Use

On the grounds of compatibility, Android Wear smartwatches gel perfectly well with your phone's being run on Android 4.3 or above. Even for iOS 8.2 or above, it has limited compatibility. But at present you can only connect if you have the one of these-Asus ZenWatch 2, Watch, Huawei, LG Watch Urbane, Fossil Q Founder, Moto 360 (2015), Moto 360 Sport, Moto 360 for Women and Tag Heuer Connected. However, you get a very limited functionality with iOS. Just like if you get notifications but it won’t allow you to interact.


Apart from the aforementioned features, you can avail Android Wear apps that cover a wide range of categories including the wrist-worn versions of a number of favorites like Tinder, Spotify, Uber, Citymapper, Evernote and Duolingo. Getting its Android Wear 2.0 spiced up, Google is now geared up to conquer the hearts of tech savvy fellows and make a great impact in the market as well as on customized android app development india.

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