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Hello All,

Today I am going to face an Interview. Well, Its not my 1st but one of the many that I have faced before. But, no matter how much I feel I am a pro, but still that feeling of anxiety, butterflies in the stomach feeling takes on its toll every time, this time comes.

Well, I have reached the office in time. Tick tock, tick tock, clock is ticking..... I am sitting outside.... Waiting for my turn..... And then, yes, my name is called.... Ms. please come in.... The gesture is very polite. I am very nervous from inside with words getting rehearsed in my mind to give my best shot. I try to show a calm & composed face to my Interviewer who can be my future Boss!! 

So the Interview starts.... with a very ghisi piti line .... "Tell me about yourself". And I start like a tape-recorder since as I already mentioned this is not my 1st and I vomit out everything I can remember about myself right from where I was born & brought up, my educational qualifications, my 1st job, what I used to do there, my current job, what I am doing here. And I keep on speaking till my Interviewer says, "OK, Thank you!!" with a sarcastic smile as if trying to say, "I didn't asked for your Biography..... Duhhhh".

Next he attacks me with another question, "Why are you looking for change". I wish I could say I want to kill my current Boss, but since, I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail, I am looking for change... But I very smilingly say, "Sir, I want to grow professionally & financially".

He shakes his head with a big Hmmmmmm. And then goes on to ask another question, "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?"... I dream in my mind, Well I will become older, might have grey hair, some wrinkles, may loose my metabolism & get fat, sit at home & relax...... "Hello", after about 2 seconds in my dream, I hear this voice, the Interviewer shirks my dream with his stern voice... "Are you with me" , he asks... I said, "Yes Sir, Well to what you asked,  I see myself leading the Business teams at Vice President level of a big multi-national company like yours..."

He shakes his head again, but this time, he seemed more convinced. I was like Bang on!! 

Wait, the Interview hasn't yet ended, He asks, "We have 24-hr shift going on, so you might have to come during the night shifts as well. So, Will you be Okay with that" I am like Are you crazy, Get lost, to hell with your job.... But since, I cannot stand my current Boss, I with a smile on my face say, "Ohhh, that's not an issue Sir, I will be able to manage."

Finally the Interview ends & he bids me Good Bye with a big smile as if he is thinking, Yes, I have found the biggest loser to delegate all my duties....

Well, on a serious note, Don't be a loser like the one depicted here, Bring on life on your own terms. It is your life. Don't make it a hell by giving into demands where you cannot attach yourself. Don't daydream by thinking switching Bosses will make your life easier. Instead, try to understand your core areas of strength, things you want to do that makes you happy. Even if it fetches you lesser money, but atleast you will be happy. Become a painter, if you feel its your passion.... JUST FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!!

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I am a novice, I am a bird.... Let me freeeeee....

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