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Three steps to develop a trustworthy eCommerce website

There are quite a few companies out there that are doing research on how an eCommerce website can help increase the profit.

There are quite a few companies out there that are doing research on how an eCommerce website development can help increase the profit. Not just companies but even individuals who work from their homes are also trying to earn a living by selling and buying items on the internet. Numerous small businesses are offering their client delivery at home options and by doing this they are trying to increase their customer base. Now if you own such a business, then you need to understand that by simply starting a website is not enough, there are several factors that come into play when it comes to an eCommerce website. Here are three main points that you should keep in mind while you develop an eCommerce website.

1. Providing correct information

Gaining the trust of your audience is the most important aspect while creating an eCommerce website; you have to provide proper information about your organization to the people so that they do not hesitate to buy from your website. Here are some quick tips on how to achieve this.

- If a particular publication has quoted you then you must put it on your website

- Clearly mention all the different methods of payments accepted by you.

- If your website is verified then mention this too.

- The domain name must sound professional

- Your website should have all the contact numbers and do mention the number of customers you have catered to.

- It will really help if you also mention the number of shipments from your website.

 2. Building trust

You have to understand that many visitors will not straightaway start buying from your store; they will study your website to see if you are trustworthy and for that you must follow the following steps.

- Providing a live chat facility to your customers is a great way to build trust and a strong relationship

- Customers would certainly like to know the people who they buy from so it would be prudent to provide information and pictures about certain employees that work in your organization.

- If your website has certain return policies, then it would be very wise to mention them on the site and put it in a place that can be accessed by everyone.

- Including testimonials is a good thing too, as it will convince the visitors that your website is reliable.

- Reviews by other customers should also be included on the website.

- Using high quality images on your website is a very good idea on your website.

3. Providing easy payment options

An eCommerce website is no good if your customers are not able to pay for the items they want to buy. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to make sure that you provide easy payment options for your customers.

- Including security badges such as Verisign or McAfee will tell people that your eCommerce website is trustworthy.

- It would be very helpful if you show a date of delivery to your customers.

- Provide complete information about the shipping facility as people would like to be informed about where they get their goods from.

- Also mention the exact quantity of the items in the shopping cart

- Provide an SSL certification, which will again provide your customers with confidence about your website.


To make sure that your website gains visibility you also have to hire best SEO Company who will see to it that your website gets a good rank on the search engines. The SEO experts will assign proper keywords to your website so that people looking for your products will find your website easily. 

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Mansi Rana is Director of Operation at EZ Rankings - Top SEO Company in India with experience of more than 13 years, She enjoys connecting with people, keeping her self updated with the latest in the field of business, technology & fashion and spending quality time with her family. You can get in touch with her @ mansi@ezrankings.org

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