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Laptop Vs Tablet For College Students: Which One Is Best For You

Laptop Vs Tablet For College Students: Which One Is Right For You

Going to a college is one of the most vital scenes in your life because at this part of your life, you will learn a lot of things that can be useful for your future life, and this is why many new college degree students need to choose between tablet or laptop for college degree. 

Choosing whether to have a laptop or a tablet is one of the most important choices that a student of a college degree has to make, especially when they are at their first step. The reason why it is important lies in the fact that they might not be able to turn back and make another choice once they have made the choice. If you are confused about what you should choose, this article may help you in deciding.

Laptop Vs Tablet For College Students

First, let us about the pro and the cons of a laptop for your college degree

The good thing about laptop for college degree students like you is the ability of a laptop to create many kinds of content. When you are working with a laptop, you have a full control of a computer with a small size. You have your track pad that functions as a mouse, and you have a full keyboard, even though some laptop may have removed the number pad. However, you can still do many things using your laptop. If what you need is typing, you can type comfortably with the keyboard that is already attached permanently to your laptop. If you want to render some video or animation, your laptop may have power to do the rendering.

In addition to the ability to create many kinds of content, your laptop is also attached with an abundant storage for saving your files or your project. A usual laptop these days is usually equipped with at least 500GB of hard drive that you can use to store music, movies, your video projects, and millions of document files.

However, some laptops are bulky and consume more space than a tablet. You may feel uncomfortable when bringing your laptop around.

Then, let us talk about the pro and the cons of a tablet for your college degree

The most striking feature of a tablet is its tiny and lightweight form factor. You can easily bring your tablet everywhere you go in a pouch and not in a large backpack. In fact, most if not all, tablets are very lightweight, as most of them should weigh at less than one kilograms. Thus, if you cannot bear the weight of a laptop, then tablet should be your best partner in your college degree.

In addition to the size and weight, most tablets are equipped with a decent camera in the back of the body and in front of the body while most laptops only have front-facing camera for video call. The camera that is equipped with all tablets can be used to record the lecture that you are having easily. Therefore, if you want to review the lecture, you can watch your recording at home. You cannot do this with a laptop it does not have a rear camera.

However, a tablet is weaker in term of processing power compared to laptops. If you are a college degree with the graphic design major, the tablet that you own should not be the only device that you have to use. You may need to have a laptop or a PC at home while your tablet can only be functioned as a display device to show off your products but not for creating them.

So, which one do you think? Do you prefer  tablet or laptop for college?

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