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Make Your Visiting Card Stand Out in a Pile

Having a successful career is no doubt on everybody’s agenda. The way to achieve one, of  course, requires tremendous amounts of hard work. Yet, making the right impression goes a  long way in selling what you do, as well!

Finding the right visiting card is one of the many avenues you can choose to make the right  impression. In this day and age, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of  creative options to represent both you and your organisation. Be it spot laminated, folded,  frosted or plastic cards, don’t stop looking until you find the one! If you’re worried about the  hoops that you’ll have to jump through to get the right card, worry no more! Printstop is an  online service that provides numerous options to customise your visiting cards, and what’s  more is, they deliver to your doorstep!

Two Faced or One?

If you’re looking to create the right impression briefly, single sided visiting cards allow you to  put the right foot forward in the best, shortest way possible. This will be instrumental in  retaining the attention of  your clients. However, if you have more to share, double sided  business cards allow you to maximize area to increase the impact of your message. They  also provide the opportunity to place the information on your card more spaciously, thus  boosting the appeal of your card instantaneously.

Textured Paper

One sure-fire way to ensure that your card stands out from the pile is to choose the right kind of paper. That’s right, textured paper material can used in place of the traditional card stock.  Additionally, you have the option to choose recycled paper to add a more home-grown,  rustic look. On the other hand if you’re looking for a futuristic style metallic paper is the  answer. Whatever the choice, a unique texture adds to the attractiveness of your card! 

Spot Lamination

Shine the right light on your business by laminating a part of your card. Choose a section or an area that you would like to be highlighted, and get it laminated. Be it your company’s logo  or the font on the card, this option is sure to leave an indelible mark on your client.

Folded cards

Foldable cards add an interesting twist to regular cards. By the addition of a panel, these  unique cards serve as great conversation starters. What’s more is the extra panel allows for four sides on which you can add additional information about your business, and  successfully draw attention to what your company does best along with the traditional information you would put on a regular visiting card!

Frosted Cards

What better way to stand out, and make an impression than a semi-transparent visiting  card? Creating a beautiful effect, these cards are sure to grab attention as they are quite the novelty. It is also interesting to note that these cards are made out of a thick plastic material that is highly durable!

Plastic Cards

Break the monotony with a plastic card! Highly durable, these cards are sturdy and  lightweight. Make a lasting impression by deviating from traditional card stock that is usually made out of paper.

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