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Convenience v/s creativity

In this two hour life today, its all about ways to de-stress yourself on the go.

I am a Mumbai local train traveler and an ardent observer. You will learn effective time management from these people and understand how well planned people in Mumbai are. Vegetable cutting, sewing sweaters, gossiping (so women!), reading, listening to music, watching movies, studying, sleeping, day dreaming (I am serious!), fighting- all this on one leg or may be on toes because there is hardly any space in packed trains these days. This is the only time Mumbaikars spend on themselves. Back home, responsibilities take priority.

I understand time is a big constraint for people like us who spend most of the time travelling to and fro work. There is no source of entertainment than getting everything on your finger tips. That includes newly released movies - watch it at your own convenience.  

I used to be one of those who share newly released movies, watching it while travelling and then gossiping about how stupid that film was or how we saved our money by not watching it on big screen. Off late, I have started to disassociate myself with the thought of downloading just released movies or even taking it from friends. If you think the reason behind people doing this, there are many examples worth thinking about - 

A) For a new mom, stepping out of the house for 3 hours is absolutely impossible as she has to take care of her baby . Hence, the loving husband makes sure his wife gets some time out of the baby sitting and gets her favorite movie on phone. 

B) For students, who have their exams hounding them, a little time off means watching their favorite star cracking jokes, telling a story and romancing . So the time spent travelling to and fro movie theatres plus the 3 hours of movie, means a full day activity. Hence, the only option is to get it on hand and watch it home during study breaks. 

C) Senior citizens who love watching movies but due to health issues are unable to travel. 

D) Professionals who are super busy in their work life travelling one country to another almost every day. By the time they are back home, the theatres would have scheduled a new movie and they miss on their wish list. Hence, watch on the go. 

E) Most given reason - money spent on four family members v/s downloading from the Internet. 

I feel we lose the right to criticism if there is no effort going in to watch these creative brains in action. I am sure none of us common people understand the amount of work that goes behind shooting a scene, how much thought goes in preparing a script and how much investment goes in hiring a best actor. As a Branding and Communications professional, I keep working on videos and I clearly understand how much effort goes in bringing your thoughts to action.  If you are well educated to understand this industry, how it works and then say "what a time waste it was watching that movie",  it's justified. Let's celebrate creativity and beautiful minds behind bringing those stories to life. I am sure not everybody is gifted to stitch together a story as beautiful as movies, be it any language. Watching a SRK or a Tom Hanks or a Rajnikanth on a big screen is so much fun than watching their minuscule sizes. It's unethical at first place. Creativity needs appreciation and criticism to grow. And if there are people investing time, energy and money to entertain us, a little investment from us will only inspire them to do better.


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