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Keeping Our People Motivated Is The Key Of Success – Mansi Rana, Director @ EZ Rankings

Mansi is a seasoned professional in the field of Website Development with over 12 years of massive experience in the same. She has come a long way and has been a witness to the many advances that have taken place in the arena of Development. 

Mansi is a seasoned professional in the field of Website Development with over 12 years of massive experience in the same. She has come a long way and has been a witness to the many advances that have taken place in the arena of Development. Mansi has a degree in commerce from University of Lucknow and started her professional career spanning more than 15 years from technology giant.

In 2010, Mansi’s career took another turn wherein she felt the need to further her knowledge in the domain of Web Development by launching her own venture and thus, EZ Rankings was born. It started of with a staff strength of 3 people of which 1 was Mansi herself and which has now become a major market player in the Development Industry with over 55 employees and two business divisions. Mansi has led the business all these years as the Managing Partner and later as Managing Director to greater heights with each passing year. She has shared her experience with us about how has her journey been so for as an entrepreneur. Below are the some highlighted point of our conversation:-

Question 1: Why an entrepreneur? Why didn’t you pursue a regular job?

Although I come from a family of businessmen, I never seriously thought of becoming one until I was a mother. Life was good with a job in hand but when I conceived my first baby, I was promised by my employer that I will be paid maternity benefits only if I join back within 3 months. But when I rejoined the Company after my maternity break, I wasn’t paid any benefits instead they created a situation where leaving was the only option. So that was a turning point in my life & encouraged me to experience the corporate world from the other side of the table.

Question 2: Something on starting years?

Starting years were quite challenging. Being a part of a competitive industry, we had constant pressure of sustaining ourselves, maintaining a positive growth curve & offer a secure yet encouraging atmosphere to the team to perform better.

Question 3: Turning point of your business?

We have always believed in the concept of building the business slowly and steadily and taking our key people along with us on the journey rather than rushing into things. We have been fortunate to have some very good people in our team who have helped us reach where we are. Every day teaches us something new and makes us more determined to reach greater success.

Question 4: Did at any point you felt like giving up and going back to regular job?

Absolutely not! It has been such a satisfying journey despite all the good and bad experiences, which have only motivated us to perform better & aim higher.

Question 5: What drives you? What are the business differentiators of your business?

My people are my strength. Their trust in me has always helped me perform better.

We are different from the rest because we value our people. We take pride in our people & our clients. So, it will not be bad to say that we are a customer & team centric organization. Like the saying goes

“You make them happy and they will make your customer happy”

Question 6: Growth/Vision for enterprise?

From a team of 3 people to 55 people in 5 years, we have definitely come a long way. Our clients have grown multi-folds & most importantly we have gained so much experience in all these years.

Our vision is to offer Cost effective & Innovative digital solutions to our clients while keeping our people motivated. 

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Mansi Rana is Director of Operation at EZ Rankings - Top SEO Company in India with experience of more than 13 years, She enjoys connecting with people, keeping her self updated with the latest in the field of business, technology & fashion and spending quality time with her family. You can get in touch with her @ mansi@ezrankings.org

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