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Life In A Campus

College life ..... memories to take with you.....

College life is a beautiful phase, akin to taming a wild elephant, which then lives for the good of the people around it, sharing a beautiful relationship with its mahout and the others. The people, in turn,respect it, admire its power and adorn it with much love.

The sudden shift to a new place can be tough, though. We come with much confusion and apprehension. The days that follow are spent exploring the campus, making friends, learning names, buying necessities, finding the courses being taught and getting to know the teachers.

We take baby steps in everything.

Image by Jithin Devan(https://facebook.com/jithin4devan)
Image by Jithin Devan(https://facebook.com/jithin4devan)

Initially, it would be very exciting to live independently and with nobody to chastise you. But, you soon realize the void left by your parents when you have to make important and calculated decisions.

There will be many firsts in your campus life. First love, first time at the beach in the moonlight, first trek, first night out... And many of these will have a lasting influence on your life. You may find your soulmate or you may go through a difficult breakup, emerging as a stronger person. You will learn to be a socially responsible person, and you will realize the importance of teamwork.

Studying for an exam is an event in itself. We start cramming the night before the exam. These are followed by tensed calls and numerous photostats. Only on getting back the corrected answer sheet does the process get over, only to start all over again a second time. It can be rightly said that you emerge a wiser person each time.

Have you experienced that sudden burst of energy when you are on the sports track and your friends cheer you to the finish line? The feeling has to be experienced, and cannot be explained in words.

Also, the endless DJ's, specific hangout points, the gossips, the fights, the tears, the hugs, the kisses... It's almost like a Bollywood film... But it's your film and you direct it... And these incidents add color to your life and you are enthralled by it, soaking in every moment and leaving behind a part of you when you graduate.

Image by Jithin Devan(https://facebook.com/jithin4devan)
Image by Jithin Devan(https://facebook.com/jithin4devan)

You will soon graduate and rise to great heights... But, when you sit at your work desk in a posh locality in a town far away, you realize that nothing matches the experience of sitting in the moonlight, sipping a cup of tea, huddled together in front of the local teashop and going over your daily happenings with your friends, philosophy, and seamless poetry abound, forging the friendship of a lifetime...

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Computer Science student at IIT Madras. Loves writing, dancing,jogging before the sun rises,nature,animals and drawing.

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