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Why does every business needs to incorporate digital marketing strategies? 

This article highlights the need to incorporate digital marketing strategies in our business. As people are getting, hooked to the internet, its easy to find your customers using digital marketing strategies. 

The world we live in is constantly changing. And so is the way we do things. Some centuries ago, marketing was all about having monopoly of the trade through force.The process of colonization that gripped our world was all about finding marketplace to sell your products. Numerous wars were fought for this.

Since then we moved on as our world changed. Rapid advancement has taken in the field of technology. And we began to realise that maybe we don't need to raise armies, spend millions and kill thousands(who might be our customers) to find marketplaces for our products.

Rather we noticed that we can reach thousands of people through print ads. And we began to exploit that. But since then, the internet and www happened.

Our world began to shrink. Communications started happening lightfast. We noticed that we could build communities online. The age of social media started.

Now in 2017,almost everyone is online. The online community is the most important resource a marketer can get his hand on.

And Digital marketing is something,no business can ignore. 


The first is global visibility. Suppose you set up a website for your services. Now most of us nowadays, when checking for a service/product,first google it to check.

Now when they find you there, it gives you a brand boost. Also they belong to the Tier 1 of your potential clients as they are looking for these products. And then there are Facebook and Facebook ads. Targetting based on interests, locations, activities etc.

There've never been a tool for marketers like this before where they market products only based on their potential to buy the product. This can be saviour to your business by cutting loss on those print ads that go unnoticed.

Next thing that comes to my mind is Analytics. I absolutely love the fact that we can track the people online whether they have visited our website, taken some actions or reacted to something on social media. Its absolutely give us power to use strategies and build products which would these compel people to buy your products.

The Earth is Flat.

And yes, i believe that. But not because astronomers have told me so,but Marketing Geniuses have. The marketplace is leveled.Small and medium business can now compete with big players and earn their share of revenue.

Recent studies have shown that digital marketing channels tend to give better ROI(Return on Investment) than traditional channels.

This is what Hubspot found out in its survey

Cost Per leads using different marketing channels
Cost Per leads using different marketing channels

Imagine doing a survey for your products, with traditional techniques you need to meetup with potential customers,talk to them, understand their problems. It's a tiring job and needs lot of investment. Whereas on the Internet you can set up a survey page and find your clients and ask them to give their views with some clickbait. Low investment and you have a great product research report.

But what if your business caters to customers which customers in rural areas who may not enjoy the same digital mediums we do. Well, there are encouraging reports on this too. This post by Quartz India report increasing use of social media bu rural population.

But not only that.

They report that even people residing in Rural areas have started using Digital tools for their livelihood.

Sanju Devi, a handicraft artist from Rajasthan have used Whatsapp effectively to send photos of her products and earn more

Well, this number maybe few but still encouraging.

With this I can say that in today's world every business needs to incorporate digital marketing, its something that they cant ignore.

The country is gearing up for digital economy so your Marketing strategies need to. 

This is a YourStory community post, written by one of our readers.The images and content in this post belong to their respective owners. If you feel that any content posted here is a violation of your copyright, please write to us at mystory@yourstory.com and we will take it down. There has been no commercial exchange by YourStory for the publication of this article.
I'm a computer science engineering student currently in the final year of my term. I came to know about Digital Marketing and making money online through blogs two years back. Since then, I've learned about Marketing from every resources i could get my hands on and have put those efforts on my blog, related to online marketing, www.digigo.online and also have helped many people with my Freelance marketing services. Read my blog at https://www.digigo.online

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