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The Perfect Elevator Pitch for Business

Thought Elevator Pitch is only for students or fresher’s to score a good job? Elevator Pitch is a situation that can occur anytime, any day and to anybody. You may meet your new maid in your building’s lift or may even meet your life partner there. Elevator Pitch is for everyone and thus, everyone needs to be prepared. Yes prepared, as even the most experienced professionals in such situation find themselves pressurized and panicked.

Imagine your company is looking for a funding and you happen to step into an elevator with a PE funding company representative, who is hot in the investing business at that point of time. There, you have the perfect opportunity for that one remarkable introduction. So what you do? You will obviously blabber your one and only perfect marketing pitch to them, and here my folks, the damage is done.

Your marketing pitch is made up of half-truth and half-hypothetical facts. By stating this kind of pitch, you have already lost your credibility. Let’s throw some light on the points to be taken care of while making an elevator pitch:

Use of Buzzwords – Too many industry jargons never impressed anyone unless you are Tharoor’s of the world. Be simple, be crisp and mostly be within your own industry jargons which makes sense.

Use of Fillers – Unfinished sentences, making completely no-sense and asking too many questions just to impress the one in front is a big NO.

Never Demean yourself- You are not a salesperson here. We represent our company everywhere but that does not mean you start selling at the time.Instead start impressing. Come out as a problem solver who has something to contribute.

Inappropriate Closing – Within all the excitement we often forget the stature of the person standing in front. Forthrightness is appreciated many a time but not always and a proper formal ending is the safest bet.

Incongruence talk – There are 3 basic fundamentals of speech- tone, pitch, and tempo. If these three do not match, it’s all a mess. One must maintain their calm and make their approach more confidently and unwearyingly.

An easy way to think of your pitch is as an executive summary that provides a quick overview of your business and details why you are going to be successful.

Words are magical. They can carve an everlasting impact or can lead to your downfall.Your ability to deliver a compelling elevator pitch is crucial to achieve success.

At Policyx.com incorporated the above in our way of doing business and this is what we believe is capable of taking us to the top.

An elevator pitch is something where you have got an opportunity to spark an interest of the listener towards your business. A fulfilling elevator pitch is that which is simple and crisp and directly goes to the heart of the listener.

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