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Life - Living In Finite Expectations....

What is Life? Somewhere, it is fortunate, blessing, great, large, amazing, future and so on so and somewhere else, it is tragic, unpredictable, unfortunate, miserable, stinky......

On Life being so unpredictable, let me share a citation. One of my colleague had lost his father due to the negligence of a doctor on the 9th Jul and just after 4 days of his father's demise, he lost his mother too on account of cardiac arrest. Understand the plight of this guy, who was preparing for his marriage scheduled in the coming months & such tragedy occurs.

I was shocked.... I just couldn't imagine the situation he would be in. I just didn't knew how to console him when he joins office.

The day came, he joined office. I talked to him & asked him what happened.... He said, it was very quick & sudden....

Since, he being the only bread-earner left for himself, he had to start to come to office to create a survival income.

Life was back on track....

Such is Life.... It never had stopped, it never has & it never will stop for anyone or anything.

For once, you achieve to create a survival income.... what next? Will a person still be doomed in the tragic history of his/ her life..... No... not at all.....

What happens... We all know. We start planning for future..... Marriage, Kids, House, Car, travel and so on.......

Why I named this article as, Life is Living in finite expectations. Because, we are living not to live but killing ourselves day & night just to fulfill our finite (we can count them, obviously the count keeps on increasing...) expectations like big house, bigger house, more bigger house.... big car, bigger car, more bigger car....

We are forgetting the purpose of life - which has been propagated by our ancestral Gurus i.e. to make peace, spread love, have a healthy & clean mind to have a healthy body.....

Instead, we are running in a race. He/ She is more successful. He/ She has achieved so much.... I am still here.... I need to run more fast.....

Some key points to have a real LIFE that I would like to share through this blog:

1. Stop running...... Stop running after money. The more you try to hold it, the more it will run away from you. The more you let it go, the more it will come to you. We have often experienced this in our real lives as well - The more you ignore something, the more it feels the need to come back to you..... Same way same philosophy Boss!!

2. If you have to do something, DO IT NOW!!.... Do not create a dependency of it on something. 

Like when I will start going to Gym, then I will buy Bullet. When I will get promotion, then I will go to Maldives..... Or when I will be 40, I will start something of my own...... No way...... It doesn't work.... I am telling you "that When" will never come. It is now or it is never.

3. Stop chasing to make happen something that is beyond your control. Let me share my personal example: I am travelling daily 50 KM to & fro and was always thinking I wish my office time would reduce by half an hour so that I could reach my home early & spend some more time with my son...... Obviously that didn't happen.... But then a new job happened.... Now guess what the timings were of this new office?? No, they were not as per my wish. Instead they were 1 hour more to add more misery to my wish......

Now I have stopped thinking about the timing thing and gradually understood, I can only wish for things that are under my control. So now, I have started looking for another job with timings as per my wish.... Obviously changing the job is in my control....

 4. Focus on the result - One of the famous punjabi Idiom goes like this, "Jadd mungli wich sar deta te 2 satta zyada ki te 2 satta ghat ki" meaning When you have gotten into something, then it doesn't matter you either spend 2 units less or 2 units more (Units can be replaced with anything i.e. money, time, energy & so on). However, the result should be the finest of fine.

5. Calm down..... Believe in you. You are everything.... You can do anything. The day you start believing this, you can achieve not only millions of money but also millions of hearts. 

We fight day & night not for bread & butter, we fight to meet standards in society. What are these standards??? It is nothing more & nothing less of a superficial image created by ourselves in pursuit of the admiration of something demonstrated by someone known by us through social media..... That's it guys!!

The day we can understand this... Trust me! Life will be much fulfilling & enriching!!

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I am a novice, I am a bird.... Let me freeeeee....

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