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How Vikas Singh formed 'Next Is Best'

A story of a  small town boy. Now travelling around the globe

A transition from IT engineer to insurance sales agent then call center executive. Not a very strong resume.

This really needs a serious explanation. Just to end the curiosity, now I am pretty successful but I had to stand for what I did.

l have started my career in 2010 as a software developer. My parents were not happy though because it wasn't TCS or Infosys. Typical Indian parents so that's not their fault.

An epic statement was "unke ladke ne b btech kiya tha pata nai uska kaise TCS me ho gaya" and this was the everyday story. When I was hoping that I will get some experience and switch to a fortune 1000 company to make my parents feel better, suddenly the company I was working has shut down. I started looking for a job but didn't find something good. Now I have reduced the frequency to meet friends and family. I was isolated.

I sat at home for pretty 6 months and the only thing I could have done was reading blogs and books. That time was really tough. I was working on some small projects I got as a freelancer.

I have read somewhere that to be a successful entrepreneur you should be in some form of sales business. Otherwise, I had very bad impression about the sales job. I joined an insurance company. Again I did something which "kisi k ladke ne nai kiya hoga"

My parents didn't talk to me for almost 2 weeks. That was the time when I needed someone to say, it's alright Vikas. But I don't blame my parents because society was after their life for asking such questions like "beta kya kar raha h?" "Did he change the job?" Or bragging about their son's or daughter's foreign trips.

But regardless of everything I decided to continue that sales job and learned a lot. But suddenly I realized, in order to be good at sales you must have good communication skill along with great convincing power. Sounds quite regular huh!!. I never wanted to join any professional class for this. Because of the obvious reason. It required money.

I decided to join a call center and that was the free training class along with better salary from my regular sales Job. But definitely, another blunder according to the society.

So as per my knowledge and experience, I was on the right path but according to society, my career was going to end.

Don't think I was very brave. Even I was afraid many times of losing hopes in life.

I was totally cut off from the society and friends by then. Now I had a lot of time to learn new things because I was not focusing on promotion or any corporate luxury. I took almost 30k calls during my tenure and definitely became a pro.

Where am I now?

I work as a Project Manager in a reputed IT firm, where I help businesses to increase their revenues. Attending foreign meetings. Last but not the least running a successful blog nextisbest to share what I have learned from my experience.

Approved hero for my friends and family. :)

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I (Vikas Singh) love to write, swim and drive. I blog at nextisbest.co.in A very interesting story is following me :) Ask me. I work as a ‘Sr. Project Manager’ in a reputed IT company and devise proven marketing strategies to help my global clients expand their digital presence. I counsel young individuals on career choices. I successfully run this blog to help and share my experiences.

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