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Creating a Revenue Generation model from Passion

I heard about following the passion from my very young days and it took few years of professional experience to identify the passion inside me. Let me give my own definition of passion; it’s the work I enjoy to do under any circumstances; irrespective of remuneration, time, health, fame, etc.

Early stage

During my school and college days I thought my passion is business because my father was running a family healthcare business. After taking bachelors in healthcare I started to work with our family business; but I didn’t found the joy. Some circumstances pushed me out of family business and decided to look for an employment.

Entry level employment

Since I am from a business background with a healthcare education I thought of getting a job in healthcare industry. After couple of interviews, I got placed in Wockhardt, as a medical sales representative. I followed what my manager asked to do and with god’s grace, training and hard-work I got a chance to be in the good books of my managers.

The training given by Porus Antia and Abishek Soni the brand management team of Wockhardt was the game changer in my life, they inspired me and unknowingly I was spending lot of time in understanding the subject and sales techniques. Frankly I didn’t spend this much of time for study even during my college days. I felt I should be in the brand management team and believed brand management is my passion.

Even-though I was a good performer in sales it took almost 3 years of hard work and persistence to reach the brand management team.

Middle level employment

The initial days in brand management as brand executive was very difficult to me, because my salary was less, traveled almost 3 hours daily by public transport to reach office, skipped lunches and the time during these days were just hand to mouth, but I was very happy to work even on holidays, late nights, etc even without any supervision.

Luckily I got the opportunity to get mentored by Mr. Subbaroa Chaganti, the renowned brand management guru in pharmaceutical industry and this might be the reason why I enjoyed the profile more than the worldly happiness. With his guidance we have created some great campaigns like Epileptic genius, Schizophrenia management today, Pioneers in neuro-psychiatry, etc that are few things I always cherish today also.

As time moved, I left Crescent therapeutics my first company to give brand management exposure and joined with Celon labs where I got to work under Mrs. Rekha Pragath. She gave the full freedom to work on Strategies, Training, Implementation and many more. During this period I have trained hundreds of people and created Innovative strategies, Marketing inputs, Scientific inputs and much more. This was the time when I enjoyed team work with Mr. Ravi Muppa, Mrs. Tiyasha Patra, Mr. Nisar Muhammed etc.

International business development

Due to family concern I was forced to come back to native and I got the job with Plant Lipids in international business development, this was the time I realized what is brand management to me? I was having sleepless nights; initial days were a curse for me. I felt like quitting, but due to various other concerns I tried to stick. I was thinking ways of making happiness (brand management) in given profile. Eureka! I integrated brand management in the assigned job profile, result was great and I started enjoying the job. During this role I used the principles of brand management to create new product ideas, product positioning, reflection of core value, penetration strategies and much more.

But something was lacking in profile that was healthcare industry and hence I worked as brand management consultant (part-time) with healthcare companies to create penetration strategies, brand names, training, new product development, marketing inputs and much more.

Entrepreneurial journey

After few years I quit the international business development and was thinking of taking the brand management consultation as full-time job but making the consultation a revenue generation model was a great challenge. With the help of my friend Mr. Midhun Kurien we created a revenue generation model for my passion brand management; i.e Smarkus Solutions and Brand Management Guru.

Smarkus Solutions does Brand management consultation, Business scaling, Brand management training, Exclusive production house, International business development for Indian companies and India entry for multi-national companies

Brand Management Guru the healthcare branding and training experts for Nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical, Fitness, Functional food etc

Written by Genesh Kuriakose https://in.linkedin.com/in/genesh

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A passionate brand management consultant and trainer with a career spanning more than 13 years crossing entry level, middle management and senior management in healthcare industry. He has an unquenchable thirst for acquiring knowledge and an innate curiosity to learn and know anything that's new. That explains the domain expertise he has in brand management and the creative and innovative ways in which he is exploring and charting at the same time his path and that is more than just career. What is more, he is generous in sharing what he has and what he knows. That makes him a very fine human being. He is always restless with innumerable improvisations; his presentations depict a reason, purpose and a result in a simple manner. His in-depth understanding and analysis always provide a solution instantly. He launched/managed brands like Dilex, Sizopride, Enoxel, Vit D Cal, Adbona, Cissbona, Platwin, X-Roz, etc. He has advised and developed business in Asia-Pac regions. He is one of the brand mangers mentored by Mr. Subba Rao Chaganti, Mr. Porous Antia and Mrs. Rekha Pragath, who are the veterans in pharmaceutical brand management.

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