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Tips to host a successful webinar

Webinar is a way to one-to-many communication; basically, it is a presentation and workshop that is transmitted over web that is used for video conferencing over the web. Webinar is featured with a way to provide realistic and interactive elements that enable with the ability to give, receive and discuss all the information in real time. The user can reach a particular or large group of people from a single location

You can share audio, video, documents, application and other multimedia sources with webinar attendees. It is mostly useful when the webinar host is conducting workshop, conference, and lecture or heading an information session in an e-commerce website development company.

Now the question comes, how to host a successful and interesting seminar. Here are some tips to resolve your issue, have a look:

Select a topic or headline that has great search potential

You should select a heading that dictates much about the topic’s content that how interesting and attractive it is. Such feature will lead you to attract more audiences as the heading is so compelling.

Set up the webinar

Host the webinar with any of the provider like GoToWebinar, AdobeConnect etc and issue & grab the registrant link offered by the provider.

Create a landing page on the blog/website

You can use any of the website & blog app like Hubspot or Landerapp etc. that requires a name, company name and email address to register the webinar. It contains all of the details regarding the webinar.

Maintain the list of tactics that you are going to use & distribute information about webinar News release including social networks, blogging, emails, Face book ad, Google ad, and postcard.

Use URL builder to create a unique link for each of the specific tactics

You can use Google URL builder to create a campaign and you can go to traffic sources then sources and campaigns. Then it will list out the visitors per tactic.

Shoot a video to understand the topic of webinar

You should shoot an upload a 1 minute video to host the topic to the audience. You can make it a big workshop via online marketing, social & email marketing.

You can even make a public press release at least a month before. If you have a newsletter then you can include it in your mail for the promotion.

A week before you should begin email & social marketing to reach more audience. You can even post and share the URL regarding the event. These features are helpful in hosting the webinar successfully.

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Stories by Amit Kumawat