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Tips & tricks to boost your android mobile performance with ease

Speed up your smartphone, the all time personal assistant to leverage out its facilities for one take with minimal memory usage and some vital enactments

My phone was very fast when I bought it, but now it’s running very slow! This is the most common complaint of all most all the android users. But worry no more. Here are some tips to follow for making your smartphone fast as it was.

Image Source : Tvisha Technologies Inc -  Mobile App Development Company In US
Image Source : Tvisha Technologies Inc -  Mobile App Development Company In US

Identify The Problem

It’s said that-problem is the solution. When you are able to find out the root cause, it becomes easy enough to get the exact solution. Hence before trying out any remedies hook the cause of sluggishness- that may be an app, or multiple apps or the system itself.

To help you out from such an issue, Trepn Profiler- a Qualcomm product is available to detect the real time apps hogging your CPU and conclude the total CPU load. Furthermore, Trepn profiler produces the CPU usage for individual apps in your mobile with varied graphical and analytical presentations and allows you to save the data for offline analysis. Using Trepn Profiler you can track the apps causing hurdles at your processing speed to treat them effectively.

Free Up Some Space

With proper food intake everyone needs minimal rest to rush further. Similarly your smartphone processor needs a rest room to breathe to work smoothly. Hence clear up some phone storage by removing and uninstalling unnecessary photos, videos, other content and apps after checking out the free space availability in your phone from the storage section at phone setting option. Delete all those aged downloaded files, cached memory contents and disable the useless inbuilt app in your phone.

Disable Home Widgets

keeping active widgets on your home screen may be useful to you but too many running widgets may slow down your phone speed .If you want your phone to run fast, disable the running widgets leaving only a few you need most.

Cut Out Undesired Animations

A hundreds of app launchers developed by skilled Android app developers are available at the play store with creative animations to appeal the users. For sure various animations must be going on your phone as per the launcher you are using. Please remember, animations slow down your device performance coupled with high battery consumption. It would certainly help speed up your phone if you care to disable those unnecessary extras by accessing launcher settings and disable.

Close Down Ongoing App To Free Up RAM

Grasping all at once is the common human tendency and that become easy with multitasking smartphones that minimizes all your apps to ease your job. We leave all those used apps as such moving to another and so on, which cover up maximum phone memory to slow things down. However, Android app development paved way for thousands of free android apps at play store itself which have been downloaded millions of times for their supposed utility and value. App installationdoesn’t cause trouble but the app minimizations do. So make it a habit to close all those unnecessarily running apps at your phone by long pressing the home key and clicking on the close all button.

Restart Your Phone

when you find your phone running slow, restart your phone that clears all the cache, running tasks.

Go Dipper

always keep eye on the battery usage, RAM usage and mobile data accumulations, which cause sluggishness to your device.

Moreover, exact problem identification with proven remedies acts well. Clear up cache, remove unnecessary apps, create some free space and phone speed tracking may help you to boost your android phone performance with ease.

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Vaughn Paul is working at Tvisha Technologies Inc - a company that provides mobile app, web applications & software development services for the global clients. He loves to write on latest technologies, mobile app development, web design and development.

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