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Is litter box training for a dog really possible?

The Complete Guideline of Litter Box Training for the Dogs

Litter box training for a dog is very possible, but ití»s suggested that you only train a small dog to use the litter box for obvious reasons. It can also benefit the small dog because small dogs have small bladders, so litter box training for a dog would allow them to go to the bathroom anytime they felt the urge, instead of trying to hold it while waiting for you. We all know how frustrating it can be to come home from a long day at work and find a not so pleasant present from your dog.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to realize before you start a litter box training for a dog is that you are training a dog and not a cat. With a cat you show them where ití»s at and thatí»s about it. However, with a dog there is more to it and it will take time and patience. There are several things youí»re going to need before you start litter box training for a dog. You will need a litter box either made for a dog or the largest cat litter box you can find; make sure it doesní»t have a hood on the top. Also find some old newspaper or dog litter so lining of the pan. A waste bucket and diaper pail is also important.

Keep It Clean

When you are litter box training for a dog, ensure that you also have a wide variety of general household items around to help such as paper towel and a broom. Bleach or baking soda can help with odor control, as well, which is going to be a very important factor. Keep the area clean and odor woní»t really be an issue.

Accidents Happen

One important thing to remember when you are litter box training for your dog is that you are not training your cat to use a litter box. This is a complicated and unique procedure, and accidents are likely to occur. Your dog may have problems with the litter box idea so be sure to reaffirm your dog as much as possible and avoid improper scolding of the dog. Instead, use firm voices and remember to praise your dog at the right times.

Clean up the mess and reaffirm your dog where he is supposed to go and keep a watchful eye on him so you can correct his mistake in a positive way. Get more dog care tips here.

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