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Charlene Sullivan Projects International  The Atmosphere is Changing

Charlene Sullivan Projects International (CS Projects) is a global talent management and creative company. CS Projects mission is to professionally develop artists in a safe and collaborative environment so they can make their mark in The Business.CS Project's holistic, humanistic, and experiential approach to talent management focuses on professional career development. Charlene Sullivan personally assesses aspects of each artist's portfolio and professionally develops and manages the unique needs of each artist, mapping, charting, and leading the most effective course of action for each artist while personally guiding them safely on their journey towards the realization of their fullest career potential in The Business.Together the CS Projects community members harmoniously ensure that the entertainment industry tradition of caring for its own is alive and well into the 21st Century. Watch for CS Projects artist and project expansions throughout 2016-2017 and beyond!Charlene Sullivan looks forward to hearing from you and exploring with you the possibilities of working collaboratively on your career development projects! Charlene personally extends an invitation to aspiring artists who are serious about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry to send her an e mail at: charlene.sullivan@charlenesullivan.com You will receive an e-mail reply to your inquiry advising you, at a minimum, that Charlene has received your contact information and your expression of interest is appreciated.