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Why IT Companies in India have to target the regional languages?

It is about How Software companies in India can get more benefit by providing services in  various Indian regional languages.

The small and medium sector enterprises in India play a very vital role in the development of the Indian economy. Most of the small and medium sector enterprises are more comfortable in dealing with their customers in regional languages not everybody is English literate. Because of the script and the data is in English, they believed that their sales are impacted to a very large extent. Keeping this in mind Tata Consultancy Services for small and medium sector enterprise wants to develop its services in various Indian regional languages.

They have worked out the cost structure and are sure that the small and medium sector enterprise will not get financially hit as they are projecting it to be less than 5000 a month. Both the service provider as the customer both would benefit with those services. As regards the service provider, there is a potential of cash back to a tune of 20% and a margin of around 15% after the business. Therefore this seems to be a very versatile and a lucrative project. Software development is India has always been world-class and is known for its expertise all around the world. India is a provider service provider of IT services and is now looking forward to extend various another kinds of services which would provide an immediate boost to its industry.

The preparations are already in full swing as Tata Consultancy Services have already started working on its 5 years ago when it realized that they actual breakthrough of IT will happen only when it is available for the masses. And this can only happen when it is available in Indian regional languages. The initial effort by TCS was a failure but they are working hard to bring it back on track. They plan to come stronger and better and make sure that the average Indian who is not comfortable in reading and understanding English language script will benefit with this record-breaking move.

Not only the small and medium sector enterprise will benefit from this move but also many social service website and public sector domains which continuously announce important information and news to the public. They also plan to reunite the social media platform like Twitter and Facebook with the regional language websites so that a 360-degree impact can be realized. 

India is known for its IT development skills and here they are again to prove something big for their own people. As far as Software Development India is concerned there is no dearth of resources and manpower what is now needed is to sync it all together and get it going. Software giants are all in favour of the move and are looking forwards to start work as soon as possible. Very soon, various states would be able to have access to the data in their regional language .this will reduce ambiguity and foster clear communication among the masses. Only integration and forward-looking ideas can bring about such record-breaking progress in the field of technological development.

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I am a QA Engineer at Nexsoftsys. Nexsoftsys is an Offshore Software Development Company in India and also working as a software consulting company in US.

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