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White Hat SEO techniques to get guaranteed traffic to your website

White Hat SEO is the legal way of doing SEO and your website can't be penalised if you are using White Hat SEO

Caution : The white hat SEO techniques I'm about to share with you will make you a better marketer. In case you're not interested in getting more quality visitors to your website, get the search engines to love AND build a long-term business, and trust you, then this isn't going to be really helpful information.

But since you're still reading you're about to be in for a treat.

There is no other form of online advertising that's as forgiving as search engine traffic. The problem is most people that start out online have no idea what to do. So they begin combing the newsgroups looking for information and advice, which 99% of the time isn't right.

But first... what is white hat SEO?

Since there's not an "official" definition of this anywhere on the internet let me give you my definition.

"White hat SEO uses accepted content optimization strategies that focus on human interaction across various platforms on the internet. These strategies are thought to be broadly accepted by the search engines and certainly will keep your website from becoming blocked or banned. White hat SEO centres on supplying content that is relevant and useful the search engines can display to their users for a particular search issue.

Link and traffic building syndication strategies include Article marketing, video marketing, social media, blogging, and guest blogging."

That means supply something useful for the end user. If it stinks don't attempt to deceive the search engines into ranking your content. Supply quality content that covers the entirety of a matter, and you are going to have a much simpler time getting your content ranked as it is syndicated by you throughout the internet.

How to use white hat SEO strategies to get visitors to your site

Traffic is actually what it is about on the internet. In case you have none, you will not ever make money and your site is useless. Since Google came out with Panda and Penguin the emphasis has been on providing high-quality content to folks. Any site that has needed to endure and keep to rank within Google has had to take this into account when enabling webmasters to syndicate content in return for backlinks.

The first thing to understand is Google is not the only means to get traffic on the internet. It's only the greatest search engine. There are tons of other approaches to get traffic to your website, but it all comes down to you supplying something useful. Here is a brief record of ways to build your online presence, and get traffic.

Article Marketing : There are only a couple of article directories out there which are worth it if your aim is to get traffic. Since Google rolled out the creature updates, article marketing has taken a big hit, but it's still incredibly powerful. Heck, you're reading this on an article directory You actually has people who use the site, and only want to ensure to take a web directory that's an editorial process in place. What is the stage of marketing on sites that have no traffic right?

YouTube : YouTube has become a monster. It is now the 2nd biggest search engine on the entire planet. An excellent way to use YouTube is to re-purpose your content and turn it into a video. Or you can optimize your video to drive visitors to your initial content on your site. You are able to do this by creating a short 1-2 minute video letting someone know you put up a post on your site that's precisely what they're looking for. YouTube can be a HUGE source of traffic for you. Just get active and create small videos which are targeted towards your audience. YouTube has social signals assembled in as well. People who see your videos comment can like, and share your videos. This all helps with your positions.

Social Media : Societal signals are now increasingly more significant in getting your content to rank on all of the search engines. The search engines desire to see that you own a presence online. Likes they wish to realize that you have followers, and create useful content that others will share. This kills two birds with one stone because as you create your social media existence, you are also getting traffic to your website from individuals who are interested in the types of things you have to say.

Squidoo Lenses : The search engines love this site. There is a chance you can rank on the first page in a matter of days if you take the time to build a high quality and truly trendy Squidoo lens. Fast warning. Squidoo has become very picky as well with the content they allow on the site since Google's animal upgrades. They don't need garbage, low-quality content. Or content that is spun, or duplicate content that is already posted on another site. But if you do take the time to build a lens that is great, you can get traffic from both the enormous community on Squidoo and from the search engines as well.

These are 4 of the best white hat SEO techniques approximately. Content is king on the internet, although you may have heard this before. The real key to building a business using white hat SEO is to be consistent with your content creation. The one thing you can't control is where you rank. Nevertheless, you can control where you syndicate your content, and what sort of value you supply.

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