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I started my journey as an Entrepreneur  in 3rd year of engineering CSE Deptt. As a CSE student I decided to launch a small project to run projects online without any set up for less complicated codes in C, C++, Java. We named it as E-compiler. Being a student the world seems to have started and suddenly all the odds seemed possible. Felt a new enthusiasm which made me feel by heart that every problem has a solution. I kept on reading those VC, seed funding stories so decided to try my luck. I received compliments but  unfortunately, could not make it up. Neither the project had any further scalability.

By 2013, in my final year, saw a great boom in Ecommerce, so started working on ideas for the same. Few came up like online groceries(we also named it Hello Ration) , online foods, unique products (like chumbak), accesories from Nehru Place and many more.At the end we started OOMPH TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD with two other directors in which one of them was my faculty who helped in gaining self confidence and determined.

After OOMPH achieved certain level (it's still running successfully) I resigned as I've always believed that there's certain difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman.An entrepreneur keeps on implementing their ideas and its very suffocating when businessman takes it over.So I would always suggest to choose partners very wisely.

  With this aim, after resignation, in September 2014,registered a new in the name of TACHE TECHNOLOGIES as a Market Research Company. In the second year itself it became a profit making body and I'm happy as in our organisation we emphasis on implementation of ideas. We have recently launched a mobile application for Mystery Shopping and Online Panel which hopefully will do great in near future.

My story would be incomplete without my parents who supported my dreams a lot and Chandni Garg who was, is and will  be part and parcel of my life, my career and our company. She holds the Managing Director designation in our company. It has been half a decade of sharing and implementing ideas with her, hopefully in next few years we will bring a positive change in society with more people employed and making people's dream come true.

An entrepreneur story never ends, however I have words limit here. Would be more happy to share in upcomings.

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