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Androids making a fast place in the markets

Androids is making a fast place in the markets as offering some outstanding new features that help to keep your apps smooth, fast, and efficient.

Android 8-0 Oreo is the latest Android Version of Google's mobile operating system platform, released on August 21, 2017. Which is said to be a sweeter version of Nougat. Users are opting for this one as it offers some outstanding new features that excite both users and developers. A number of Android devices are featuring the same and are becoming a favorite among users from across the world.

Talking to the developers, with Android 8.0 they have gained access to the enhancements that give the great performance, and helps to keep your apps smooth, fast, and efficient. So what are the new features that are becoming a hit among the users?

• Android 8.0 Oreo is expected to offer extra support for the processors as well as graphics chipset. This latest android version will also support 64-bit processors and makes it easier for the devices to use extra RAM.

• Allow your apps to get in communication with a variety of Bluetooth smart devices and sensors, for some new exciting features that relate to medical, fitness, proximity, location, and more such things.

• If you own a tablet, it's time to create restricted profiles that would limit your access to certain apps for family and friends. The apps you would own would allow the tablet owners to control the functioning of each profile.

• You would have new media capabilities through a modular DRM framework. This would allow the media application developers to get DRM integrated into their streaming protocols like MPEG DASH. Users can also enjoy high-quality videos through a built-in VP8 encoder.

• Make your apps work with the stream of status bar notifications, and also display them according to your choice. Apart from this, you can route them to remote Bluetooth devices along with updating and dismissing the notifications.

Looking at the success of Android devices, users are more and more investing money on purchasing one for themselves. The developers are surely playing an important part here, and are devoting a considerable time in building and developing applications for the Android users. Such apps are designed in a way that they are interesting and offer complete utility to the device owner, apart from being a fun quotient.

Talking about the iPhone and related apps, these have been developed after much speculation and experiments on the part of developers, who have immensely contributed to the present success of the iPhones. iPhone was still in the way of getting popular when the brand introduced a series of devices that offer innumerable varieties of apps, and make this device a success among the Apple freaks.

If you own an iPhone 8, you would certainly understand the level of iOS and the height of technological developments. The credit should be given to the iPhone apps developers, who are allowing the users to broaden the aspect of activities they can do through their phones. Such activities include push notifications, Geo-fencing, multi-tasking, and much more.

It is not much before when Android came into existence with a few of its apps, and to what it has become now. No matter what brand of phone you plan on buying, you would always find people getting keen on getting Android devices so that they can get access to all the latest and advanced apps and enjoy their phone to the fullest. This is motivating the Android developers to continue developing more and more apps that offer them a range of entertaining activities.

Moreover, Androids have bagged the role of the most commonly used platform for the companies, in order to reap rich benefits in terms of the sales of their mobiles. Companies have realized the benefits of Androids and so are putting the same in all devices undergoing manufacturing. More introductions and developments like Android 8.0 are adding to the demand and success of Android-based phones and is encouraging users to switch over to Androids.

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Lalit Kumar Sharma is the Founder & Chairman of Elkees Group. He also owns Elkees Media, Elkees Deals and Elkees Technologies. Lalit is an Internet Marketer, Pro-Blogger & Tech Columnist on HuffingtonPost, Elkees Media and other popular News Agencies. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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