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Getting India into the Best Shape of her Life!!

Chiseled look, getting into shape, healthy meals- the dream! Hectic work-life, constant chaos and sedentary lifestyle- the reality? Shed your worries, as Eat2Shred, a one stop fitness destination brings the unique mix of a customized training programs and healthy meal plans for that perfect shape and hassle-free FitBeat!

What do we do ?

1. Provide personalized nutrition plan and deliver meals (currently only in Mumbai) which is as per the client's fitness goal.  2. Design customized training programs that are available online.

Different Fitness Programs available are:

1. Lean Muscle Builder 2. Fat Loss Program 3. Weight Watchers Program  4. Contest Preparation

The fitness ecosystem is incomplete as there is a huge disconnect between training and nutrition. There is a plethora of information available on health & nutrition on the Internet, and people are becoming aware and conscious of what needs to be eaten and what workout needs to be done. However, when it comes to execution, nutrition takes a back seat due to corporate lifestyles, long office hours and the short deadlines we have to meet. Over the period of time, we realized that nutrition and training go hand in hand and both of them have to be fine-tuned for optimum results – one of the prime reasons why most gym goers do not get the desired results even after years of toiling in the gym.

Eat2Shred aims to solve the problem by being a one-stop fitness platform that brings the unique mix of a nutritious meal plan and a healthy fitness regime. We no longer want our clients to flip pages of a health book or scoop out healthy recipes online. Our mission it to create a convenient ecosystem of customized nutrition and training program by delivering freshly cooked, personalized meals at our client’s doorsteps, taking away the hassles of healthy cooking and getting them to the best shape of their life.


We have had lots of amazing transformations ( Picture attached for reference). We are also training Mudit Malhotra, Mister India International who will be representing India in Mister International 2016 to be held in Bali. 

Launched in May 2016, the startup is already cash positive with YTD Revenue of INR 6,31,030 and Operating Profit of 20.4% 

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