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How to WIN your first fight

Keeping Calm, Being Ready.

Hi there,

 This is Devin Roberts with Black Cat Battles and I'm here today to tell you how to win your first fight, below is a video from my website www.Blackcatbattles.com that specifically tried to get people Self-Defense ready. Here's some Important advice for your first fight. Any questions or comments on the video? Leave them on Youtube and tell me what you'd do!

Sparing Match, Devin Roberts, Samuel Root
Sparing Match, Devin Roberts, Samuel Root

Most people in there first fight have shortness of breathe, break out into sweats, shake and a million other things that make focusing on winning near impossible, the best way to combat these problems is to know about them, know they're normal, and find ways around them.

 All these topics and more will be covered  for anyone looking to protect themselves and the ones around them.

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