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Side safety distance in the drive

If the definition of safety distance means the safe area of a driver with the area of uncertainty of other road users, it is logical that the whole area surrounding the vehicle should be taken care of while driving.But it is very common to see in Guayaquil cars very stuck -laterally- among others. Even to the point of brushing or breaking the side mirror of the car.Next, we will explain to you what the lateral safety distance is.

What is the lateral safety distance?

The lateral safety distance refers to the lateral limit that must exist between one car and another on the tracks. It is true that any driver is likely to deviate from the path that marks the lane while driving. But if that deviation coincides in space and time with another driver, it can cause accidents. And if there is not an adequate distance of reaction  when driving, accidents can reach greater

On narrow roads, this distance is much more important than the vertical distance between cars, as you have to take into account both the space left at the sides of the car and the distance to the sidewalk and the interior tracks.

We could even say that this distance is more important in safety matters since the slightest sudden movement in a narrow space can cause an accident.

How to calculate it? The answer is simple. When driving, or whenever you have to park your car, always leave a lateral distance imagining an open door of the car. That should be the minimum distance you should move.

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