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Life In Namma Chennai: The City that loves you back!

Chennai, with its great culture, heritage, food and the people is like no other in India. The city is engaged in a lot of activities than any other. Now, it’s your turn to feel the various flavors of the city.  Chennai is the hot spot of beautiful temples, malls, theatres, restaurants, IT parks and much more. Being close to the sea, the city has a  tropical climate.

Tropical Weather

If you want to visit the city, you feel difficulty during only the summers, but rest of the months will have the pleasant temperature.

Culture at its best

The city where you can find the culture at its best. Have you ever heard of Chennai Music Festival? You can see various performances, events and dramas & plays.

The Best Hangout Spot

The Best hangout spots, the Besant Nagar Beach, the Anna Zoological park, Queensland, the Kovalam beach, Adyar Theosophical society, Surfing, Crocodile Bank, ECR ride, Muttukadu boating, Mayajaal, Mahabalipuram, Marina and much more. This page is not enough to enlist!

The Best City for Foodies

The place where you can find a perfect filter coffee. The Aroma of the coffee will make you fall for Chennai. And you can feel the taste of delicious dosas, idlis and sambhar wherever you choose to stop and eat.

The Better Person

The city where an unknown people selflessly helping each other calling you as Mama & Macha. You will be surprised to see the love that people had for the city. This place brings out the best in you, gives you a lesson, helps you in your ups and downs and makes you a better man!

The Mansion Days

The city which gives you the good memories when staying with friends and searching for a job with big dreams.

The Luxury Apartments

The city is obsessed with great residential and premium apartments, the prices are affordable for the middle-income groups. And this is the right time to invest in homes rather than wait a little more and there are many luxury villas too. And if you are smart enough choose the best apartment in a right location that will pay you back positively in the future.

The Shopping hub

As we all know, is a hub for the shopping and it satisfies the needs of all the people of all class. The city is famous for Shopping at ease at an affordable price. The best places for shopping are T Nagar, Pondy Bazar, Egmore, Mylapore and much more.

The Land of great people

The Land of thalaiva's like MGR and Rajinikanth, all legends like Ilayaraja, Rahman and Kamal had an emerging growth and got an identity in the land of Chennai by starting their career in Chennai. Big cutouts and all that crazy celebration at the film theatres on top hero film release dates. The movie tickets are affordable and which gives you a great fun!

The Diversity

People from everywhere get landed in Chennai to eke out a living. Sure, you will not get disappointed, And you will not go back once you come here.

A Safe Place

Chennai is listed among the top 10 cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is also been listed as one of the best cities to live in by BBC. Even it is considered safe for women compared to other Indian cities.

A Peaceful city

Did you ever hear of a terrorist attack or a bomb explosion in Chennai? You can see almost all kinds of people in Chennai, but not a single terrorist attack.

A City with great health care

Chennai provides the best healthcare service. Even people from other countries are coming here for treatments.The Doctors are very knowledgeable and you will not find this kind of health care in anywhere in India.

Best Transportation

The city has good transport connectivity compared to the other metro city. We can find all range of the transport in Chennai like train, bus, and auto. We can get train Connection almost every part of the city.


If you can walk in a street, you can find a poster for every 100 meters in a lamp post, on every wall and in every newspaper. Did you see that?

Arts & Music

The city is famous for music and dances like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi. It is very common here. During the season of Margazhi, you can find a special event called “Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru” and this period is a festive and joyous time in Chennai. 

You may feel hard with the hot weather roaring traffic. But, this is not exactly what the city is about. If you dig little deeper into the city, you’ll find an enthusiastic crowd, nice culture, and traditions. The city consists of breezy beaches, high rise apartments, the temple trail, the lip smacking foods, the shoppers' delight and the weekend getaways where you will not find in any other cities. Hope you enjoyed this article! With so many things are available to explore. Change the way you see. Chennai is definitely one of the best places to live.

Chennai – one of the Indian cities that never sleeps! Just like Chennai, we don’t know many things about many cities and states in India. Try to explore new things and start loving your city. Take a pride, if you are chennaiate. Here, you will find a good amount of people scaling great heights.

Hope after reading all these, your objective will be to get settled in Chennai as soon as possible to enjoy all these things in your life by becoming a Chennaiite. 

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Devika is a passionate writer who writes about Homes. And she represents a company called "Alliance Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd" who provides various apartments for sale in Chennai with world -class amenities at affordable prices! See more at : http://alliancein.com/

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