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Is, changing with time known to change the natural cycles? Be it the cycles of rain or the cycles of climate or the cycles of our old aged mountains ,etc. Can we not do without changing with what we are gifted naturally. It's just like eating an ice cream with a sour cone. Why do we integer with the things that don't need "changes" but little bit of "senses".

GST (goods and services tax) heavy words with heavy taxes sorry common tax for all. With the recent launch of this common tax for all the common people made me feel proud. I felt that this is such an analogue for the heavy payments we did from our wallets. Thanks to Modi ji for Modifying the rules. But, though being a NAMO lover I was dissapointed to know that we woman had a shocking amount to "pay" rather I would say "bleed".

"12% tax on sanitary napkins" I mean come on we are living in a democracy and we have to pay taxes to even bleed. Having sex has always been a choice but who chooses to have periods every month. The GST on napkins clearly indicates that hygiene is below luxury in our country. Only an upscale woman has the right to enjoy the luxury of using the sanitary pads. When we talk about "swach Bharat" then why we forget about "swach soch". Our "Gulabi tribe " has the right to have equality in atleast what is her necessity and not an ego good. She bleeds for you why can't you bleed for her. Respect her and her needs. She needs care and wishes to be care free. Whisper love for her not cage her in your rules.

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I am a passionate writer and I write to empower woman or as I name them "gulabi tribe". I am an MBA finance but my pen decided to sprinkle letters on paper than counting the demonetized money India. I want to let my pink clan to whip up with my stories and change the scenario.

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