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5 Takeaways from the win of Donald Trump

Donald Trump had a bitter battle with Hillary Clinton and eventually won the US Presidential elections. It was hard battle for him and now he is going to be the 45th President of US. Generally, they say that the Republican President is better for Indian than the Democrat one. I will surely have the brief on the impact on India of US elections in the coming article but first of all let us focus on the victory of Mr. Donald Trump and potential tips that can be incorporated in the our lives.

But before the real  picture, let us focus on the Trump factor.

Donald Trump has a hawkish approach – America first. Though being loyal it is very good approach too. In a new approach he broke the orthodox attitude of the Republicans and said, America belongs to Americans. In his speech at the various places, he spoke about having strict immigration laws and International Trade agreements. It is not that he won elections and broke into traditional Democrat stronghold like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wiscoin which help him to proceed to the victory.

#US  #5Takeaways
#US  #5Takeaways
5 Takeaways from the Trump Win:
1. Actions speak louder than words: It showed in the initial poll analysis that Hillary was ahead but Trump was drawing more crowds in the rally. Let’s impersonate the similar situation, if you have number clients and the fact that they all reply on phone via texting but not turning up on the meeting for the final closure. Or someone telling you good things on your face but the situation demands of that employee than he / she finds excuses means you are going wrong somewhere…. Analysis this. 

Assess from top to bottom in each and every situation and see where your inspection is going wrong.

2. Never underestimate your opponents: As per L.A.Clippers coach Doc.Rivers ,”Let’s give him a chance and I was bit surprised.”As I am also heading Ecommerce Company which is a start up and sitting back and having a relaxing approach for all my opponents won’t really help me. Sometimes it becomes battle of wits and wills in this case and we often underestimate the opponent. Never think that just one is from best B-school or your looks will help you help in getting along the coast well.
3. Surround yourself with your family: Have you ever noticed Donald Trump he is always surrounded by his family. You might be wondering that every politician is having image with the family but not with the kids, their spouses and all the whole family. This shows connection – a family connection and in fact the kids played the substantial role in the campaign of Mr. Trump. If you are workalcholic like me then you need a family with you all the time. You can trust them in the time of distress and stress
Believe me you won’t be stressed ever …
4. Absitence: If you can’t walk two blocks away without doing anything offensive than don’t do this. You will also have lack of endurance and stamina and you will look physically drained in the workplace all the time. Don’t have drinks and drugs on the regular basis. Imagine this guy, doing this so how many stories will be written on him. That will give negative publicity.

You want to become successful in life than put a full stop on the drugs and alcohol.


5. Success not comes with a guaranty tag: Not everyone can sustain the pressure and in the case of Trump family also this is the scene. Elder brother of Mr. Donald Trump, Fred was also having the father’s name tag but could not sustain the pressure and drank himself to death at the age of 42.So, even if you have a family tag – a big surname than also success is not guaranteed. I don’t have any tags and still I am successful as I am determined. This goes for everyone and the success story is very near for them.

These views are of Mr.Ankit Jain, CEO, of a fastest growing startup, EBazar.Ninja, on the takeaways from the win of Mr. Donald Trump.

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