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Happy mornings, makes your mornings...

Happy Mornings is a startup that focuses primarily on optimizing the supply chain of daily needs to bring the products to the customers at the earliest and move towards a Just In Time (JIT) model.

How was it conceived

During Pregnancy, I had great difficulty in buying the daily needs and missed the shopping experiences. One of my friends, Suhaad, also shared the same view. We both together thought why don't we bring the shop to the community. That's when the idea of Happy Mornings came in. After all convenience matters! you can save your time and use it when you need it most.

Giving birth to the baby

Happy Mornings strongly believes that practical experiences provide key lessons and got early into business. Happy Mornings started in March 2015 by selling vegetables and fruits in a MobiCart in front of a park, where lot of people come for a walk or a run. Happy Mornings MobiCarts starts selling early in the morning from 7:30AM. Our deliveries reach the customers starting from 8:00AM. Happy Mornings would be the first vendor to make a retail sale of any vegetable or fruit that has arrived to Bangalore. Our USP is to avoid the shelf life in stores and bring the products to the customers as soon as we receive from our supply chain. We are wide awake from 4:00AM and our vendors starts the day at 2:00AM to welcome the vegetables and fruits to Bangalore. As it received a good response from the customers, we have taken Happy Mornings to multiple level now.

Qualities of the Baby

Happy Mornings took the toughest challenge first, perishable items such as fruits and vegetables (FnV). Happy Mornings brands itself as a prime vendor that sells quality products. We source from multiple vendors who can provide the best grade for any given vegetable or fruit. By optimizing the supply chain, Happy Mornings brings in the fresh fruits and vegetables to the community.

The primary channel of Happy Mornings is MobiCart, which is an offline channel. We bring in the shop to the community using MobiCart, so that customers can have the shopping experience within their premises. Other channels of Happy Mornings are Web (www.happymornings.in), App (https://goo.gl/L8IcTu), and Whatsapp. Through these channels, customers can order it at their convenience and get the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables early in the morning. We focus on simplicity in these channels. You can place your order in less than a minute.

In India, many e-commerce companies, be it a startup or an established company, spend a lot of money on unnecessarily things and eventually does not make operating profit even though their revenue is high. Happy Mornings does the business in an agile way and keeps a tab on operational efficiency. Happy Mornings uses resources very effectively to reduce the resource overhead for the return value. Overall, Happy mornings is not a crying baby :)

How is the baby doing?

Happy mornings is providing a service to many communities in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Most of our customers buy regularly from us. We have experimented different supply chains when the baby was crawling and now we have established good supply chain for the quality products and the baby is walking steadily now. As our business model is dynamic and we do have PnL in business, we have learnt how to expand many accounts and when to close an account based on the operational efficiency.

We are fine-tuning our business model to continuously improve on our operational efficiency and maximise our value. The baby is getting ready to run. 

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