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Hacked accounts and passwords of 1.7 million Zomato users accessible on DarkWeb

1.7 million Zomato User Accounts and Passwords are hacked
1.7 million Zomato User Accounts and Passwords are hacked

There is a downside to every positive initiative. Web and net has been continuously changing the life of one and all – most of the times for better. And when a badside of it is unleashed, its a real broadside. The net has become the beehive for baddies, hackers and trouble creators. More and more businesses are leaning on net for furthering their growth. This has become an opportunity for foul players and providing a good source of “black revenue” to cash upon. Website hacking has become common place despite a plethora of cyber security steps being in place. The best efforts of website developers to provide safe domain come a cropper in the hands of such unscrupulous hackers.

Following close on the heels of the WannaCry cyber attack comes the news of serious compromise of data of Zomato – the restaurant app which made lives of people easy. Early reports indicate as many as 1.7 million user accounts of Zomato along with passwords are hacked and are being paraded as a ware in the open market. The culprit vendor ‘nclay’ has announced a price of $1001 for the data on DarkWeb in md5 format.

Are you a member of Zomato? Do you want to recover your account? Then follow these simple steps by HackRead, who offers the account verification process.

1. Check the legitimacy of your Email Address

2. Click on the forgot password to surmise whether your account is valid or not

3. Submit Email Id

4. Reset link will be sent to your registered Email Address

Though Zomato did not give any confirmation about the data recovery by HackRead, the data retrieval agency offers to redeem the lost data at an unspecified price.

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